Trick or Treat?

Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
October 22, 2018

It’s almost Halloween and my ‘child within’ is soooooo excited and very happy that my outer adult hasn’t squashed her hopes of fun! I’ve planned an evening of fun, fitness and dance that will engage even the most grumpy adult.

Please pardon me if this sounds a bit too self congratulating but I’m often asked where I get my energy and enthusiasm from (plus “are you still dancing and teaching fitness?” !)… folks are usually surprised that I am the age that I am.

Well I certainly believe that one of the reasons for this is that I love to have fun and play in an energetic physical way, outside climbing over logs and through the woods, making up and performing creative dance routines and engaging with creativity. My ‘serious adult’ sees the many troubles in the world regarding environment, animal welfare, politics and conflict and feels weary and sad – my older adult is regularly rescued by my inner child.

This Halloween is on Tuesday and I welcome you all to join me in ‘youthifying’ fitness fun and deliciously playful dance!

6.30pm Mwahahahaaaa HIIT

7.15pm Creepy Core Power

7.45pm Demonic Dance (no Devils or Demons involved!)

Dress to impress (I also have spare fancy dress costumes if you haven’t any)

Everyone is welcome!


Your Gut

I’m thinking about doing a free talk about the mounting evidence linking gut balance with your health and weight loss before the end of November (with a view to start a Gut Cleanse group at the start of January)

If you would like to attend, please get in touch.



Our Daisy is at the Royal Opera House, performing a Kenneth MacMillan piece – all nights are sold out so sadly we can’t get to see her but I know she is fantastic as always.


Burlesque Fitness Fusion – November 18th 

I’m presenting my Burlesque Fitness Fusion at the Strut Summit in London, come and join the fun!


Independance – December 2nd 

Remember to spread the word and share on social media too!


DYBO Xmas Party

DYBO Divas & Dudes party night is on the 17th December!

Please give me your final £15 asap so I can settle the bill.

Still room for more!

Venue: The Village Hotel in Farnborough, GU14 7BF.

Arrival: 7pm, Welcome Drinks

Sit down to Dinner at 7.45pm

Dinner served 8pm after dinner

The Ultimate Diva tribute acts followed by Disco.

Carriages at 1am.


Christmas Party Workout 2017 – Heros and Villains

I’m loving hearing about some of your costume ideas, I welcome more music suggestions please!

Theme: ‘Heros and Villains’

Dress in character for extra fun!!

Tuesday 12th December, 7.30pm

£10 by 1st December (just £5 for members)

£15 on the door.


Boonanas and Pumpkintines

The downside of Halloween is the excessive amount of sweets and junk given to children (and then often eaten by adults) so it’s bad for everyone’s health!

I love these fun creative alternatives found on ‘

Transform your fruit basket into an arrangement of spooky treats for a sweet snack minus the scary sugar. Kids can get creative in the kitchen with this super-easy, no baking-required recipe!

You’ll need: Clementines, Bananas, A Sharpie, Mini chocolate chips, Regular chocolate chips

Directions: Give your kids unpeeled clementines and let your little monsters get creative by drawing on pumpkin faces. Meanwhile, peel bananas and cut them in half crosswise. Have your kids press two mini chocolate chips into the side of the banana for eyes and a regular-size chocolate chip for a ghost mouth.

I would swap the chocholate chips for little pieces of date or nuts (although you do need to check for nut allergies)

Other ideas I had are…

Bat Brains (walnuts, or pecans slighty dipped in dark chocholate)

Frog’s Blood (diluted pure apple juice)

0 Negative (diluted cranberry juice)

Eyeballs (tinned or fresh lychees)


Have a happy and healthy Halloween!

Love ya,

The Mistress of Pain (Helen) x

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