Summer Schedule

Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
January 21, 2019

Phew, scorchio!!!
It’s been quite a week with amazing summer weather and inspiring sporting achievements up in Glasgow plus the final stages of the Tour de France. Steve’s cyclists have been smashing it again on the pro cycling circuit and two will be going for it at the Commies road race event so look out for Tobyn Horton (Guernsey) and Jon Mould (Wales) on the final Sunday. Another of Steve’s charges, Ironman specialist Dan Halksworth was seen keeping up with the incredible Brownlee brothers (3rd position after swim and bike) at the Olympic distance Triathlon. This event is far shorter than the Ironman, so not his specialism, but he did brilliantly (17th) and was fresh enough to ride his bike back to the competitors village straight afterwards!
Class members Jo Lambert and Caroline Jones, made the trip up to sunny Glasgow to meet up with Lisa Coaley, who is also a volunteer at the event .The girls saw Rhythmic Gymnastics, Rugby 7’s and Swimming and were seen on TV cheering and waving flags. They also got to meet the infamous South African, “Chad’s Dad”!!

I love that the Games is mixing able bodied and disabled events and I hope that seeing all athletes overcome all sorts of difficulties inspires you to train a little more and take care of yourself somewhat better. I hear all sorts of rubbish excuses as to why people are not eating properly or exercising in a complete and balanced (or at all) way. Excuses don’t change the result of poor diet and lack of complete fitness.

Class Schedule and News
I have prepared the summer schedule based on your requests, some classes are off the time table and others are running slightly below or dead on ‘break even’ point, so it’s really important that you honour your bookings with payment and of course, attendance. I allow my heart to rule my financial head too often, so please don’t take advantage.

I will be filling out your individual booking forms today for you to collect (and pay for) at class. The Summer Timetable will be put up on our website as a reminder.

Classes run as usual Monday to Thursday this week (no Friday Class thought August)

To keep everything fresh and fun I’m changing the content of classes throughout August to keep you inspired.
Due to class timetable changes and client holidays we have more availability for small group training, personal training and one to one consultations. These appointments go quickly so if you are interested in training with others or on your own, contact me soon.

Congratulations and Good Luck!
Congratulations to Daisy West who graduated from Ballet Rambert School with a first class honours degree and has just completed a week working with world renowned choreographer, Akram Khan. Daisy is a real star in the making, keep an eye on her career.

Good luck to Caroline Jones and Ian Richards who ( independently) are in the final phase of preparing for this years Prudential Ride London event . Some of us will make our usual trip to Abinger Hammer to cheer them on and of course our Pro Riders who will be riding in the professional race later in the day. Let me know if you want to join us cheering everyone on.

“Eggscellent” start to the day…
Working with one to one clients with their diets and weight management, I know that breakfast can be a challenge and many of us resort to a starchy carb loaded starts to our day which is often a problem for dealing with our waistline. You can’t beat (get it!!) an egg for a protein-rich start to the day, which is perfect, but I do know that it can get a bit dull so here is a weekend treat way to do your eggs (not every day tho’).

Banana pancakes:
1 small banana, smashed and as lump free as possible
2 eggs beaten in with the banana
Heat pancake/omelette in a pan (I put a little coconut oil in the pan). Pour in to pan and cook through.
I often have the pan too hot and try to flip the omelette too soon (I’m impatient!) so I can tell you from experience that its tastes just as good when it’s scrambled egg and banana ha ha.
Sprinkle with nuts and if you need the sweetness (I don’t think it does), drizzle with warm maple syrup/ honey or sprinkle with coconut (aka palm) sugar.
Finish with berries on top – yum!!

Enjoy your week, see you soon!

Love ya,

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