Barre Fit
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
September 19, 2018

I do hope that you managed to enjoy the sunny Bank Holiday weekend, recharge your batteries and have some fun!

Sometimes it’s okay to go ‘off piste’, be spontaneous and live in the moment – leave those DIY jobs and chores for another day when the sun isn’t shining and your pals, family are not around to share the day with.

I completed my choreography for this coming weekend’s ‘Independance Day’.( 2pm Sunday 13th May, Farnham, All Hallows)

I prefer to be prepared well ahead of time, for me too much pressure affects my creativity. So I embraced the opportunity to spend most of the weekend choreographing and experimenting with movement.

Last week I was heard to say  “we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”…….When was the last time you played?


What’s coming up?

The rest of the week’s classes are running as usual – why not try a new class, we have loads to choose from.


‘Independance Day’

We have a few spaces left if you would like to join us for an afternoon of dance, fun and fabulousness


New Balls please!

I have managed to get a great deal on some stability balls, let me know if you would like one.

Remember our Big Balls and What To Do With Them class is running on Friday nights from 6.30pm. 45 mins of really effective core, stretch and whole body conditioning – early enough for you to go out and play afterwards!


Freestyle Fitness Yoga

Freestyle Fitness Yoga is a blend of ancient Yoga inspired postures with modern fitness methods.

It’s a fitness program that incorporates stretch, strength and yoga like postures. There is no dogma, chanting or use of Sanskrit terms. The focus is on strength, stability, suppleness and mindful breathing.

Most Importantly, You will feel fantastic afterwards!

Next course commences on Friday 1st June 6.30pm.


Healthy and delicious Ice Lolly recipe

Perfect treat for this weather!

Click here…

Enjoy the weather and keep cool, slip slap slop!

Love ya,





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These are not just any fitness classes but somewhere where you are really made feel part of a club. The stretch class has given me back flexibility that I thought I'd lost forever and the 'DYBO' class is quite simply ‘fantastic’. I hate to miss either.
Anne Wilson, Class member and Head Teacher