Rusty Spring!

Contemporary Stretch
6:15 pm - 7:25 pm
December 13, 2018

Whilst nature is trying it’s best, Spring is a little damp and rusty so far!

Saturday’s Sunshine got me in to the ‘Spring mood’ with some alfresco dining (Brunch), window shopping and late afternoon dog walking in the woods. My heart, and face, smiled as I listened to the birds, observed the budding trees and sniffed the wild flowers. All was perfect until dear little Miki caused me to fall ‘splat flat’ in the Mud. The squelchy walk back to the car did, I have to be honest, ruin the mood somewhat and I no longer felt like a bird and wild life charming Disney character, but more like one of the seven dwarfs marching back ‘bandy legged’ from a day down the mines!

Fortunately DYBO running hero Vicki Bee stayed on her feet, just, to complete the Brighton Marathon in a fraction less than 7 hours! Vicki is raising money for The Hampshire County council visual impairment unit and charity ‘Open Site’, who are helping Vicki, her little boy Alex and other families with visually impaired children. Here is the link to her Just Giving page if you can spare a few pennies in honour of her epic run and suffering. Vicki has the biggest, kindest heart and determination which got her to the finish line despite injury and pain. Well done Vicki we are very proud of you!


I’m giving my *free Gut Health talk this Saturday 21st April 1pm-2.30pm!

Maximum of 10 people (*I would love you to make a donation of your choice to Phyllis Tuckwell or charity of your choice before the talk). First come, first served – book today!

Poor Gut Health is responsible for major illness, disease and obesity.

Many of you have noticed the amazing results experienced by fellow DYBO family members who have completed the gut cleanse protocol and switched to a gut health diet. Come along on the 21st and I will explain all!


Steve’s One Pro Cycling riders…

…have been doing brilliantly over the past few weeks competing at events across Europe. On Sunday they competed at the Chorley Grand Prix, in their first UK race of the season and the first round of the National Series. A brilliant team performance set up Karol Domagalski to springboard to an impressive solo win after 115miles!

(pic: Mouldypix)


INDEPENDANCE – Offer Ends This Friday!
Our next event on Sunday 13 May with special guest Dan Little will be here before you know it!
Take advantage of our early booking offer and pay just £30 (normal price £38)
Places are limited. Click here to book –
Offer ends 20.4.18



Big Balls



Epsom Salts

I have 3kg bags of Epsom salts in stock!

£8 for 3kg

First come, first served x


Green Smoothie

A nutrient dense and gut friendly smoothie, ideal to ensure you get your ‘greens’ and maybe have skipped breakfast or lunch…


½ chopped avocado

Handful of spinach

Handful kale

50 grms pineapple chunks

10cm chunked cucumber


Blitz in a blender/juicer, pour in to a glass and top up with coconut water

Add ice if you like!

Have a wonderful week – remember rain or shine we are here for your happiness, health and fitness needs.

Love ya,

Helen x





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I have known Helen for 12 years. I joined Helens fitness classes and have never looked back. Helen is my personal trainer, massage therapist, and still love attending her fitness classes. Helen is very helpful when discussing my dietary requirements, as well as guiding me through the ante/post natal period with my second child and injury rehabilitation. I have found Helen to be very professional, knowledgeable and a brilliant motivator. Helen has not only become a very close friend but a mentor to my wellbeing. Helen is my ‘Guru’!
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