Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
October 22, 2018

  • Madeleine
    I was introduced to Helen at a time in my life when everyday felt like groundhog day and increasingly my thoughts were “is this all there is” “is this it for the rest of my life”? My life had become mundane and directionless and many of my conceptions of life were grounded in the past both distant and recent. Helen’s approach is flexible and holistic – she variously uses whatever tools are appropriate, whether they be the use of language through NLP, meditation or health and fitness. Throughout my discussions with Helen, I found her to be non-judgemental and open. During the weeks that followed our initial meeting, Helen and I explored my past honestly and the behaviours and thought processes which led to some of my long held beliefs – beliefs which were, sometimes unhelpful in informing my thinking and (re)actions in the here and now, “my baggage”, if you will. With Helen’s guidance I began to understand the enormous potential offered by positive speech and thought patterns, the effects of which ripple out from self through to all of our interactions. We simultaneously identified my goals and with Helen’s support, I worked towards them. It was hard work, challenging and emotional, but oh so refreshing. Several months on from my regular meetings with Helen, I am aware that there is a mental ongoing process which is founded in the discussions that Helen and I shared. I have achieved many of my objectives and know that I am a work in progress. My thought on greeting each day is no longer “is this all there is”, it is now “what’s next ….. ”Helen is the best gift that I have ever given to myself.
    Madeleine (name changed to protect identity).
  • Abi Arris, Farnham
    I went to Helen 3 months into my second pregnancy needing advice on a number of things which I won’t go into, however I did have some clear objectives that I wanted to achieve during my pregnancy. 1) To not put on tons of weight as I had done with my first pregnancy and 2) I wanted a drug free labour (this was most important to me). My labour was exactly what I wanted it to be, (that may sound strange to most) but I had a clear idea in my head how I wanted it to be. I had spent 6 months with Helen as my personal trainer and attended on average 2 classes per week. She tailored a programme for me which was “fit for labour”. Us mum’s all know that labour is exactly that – “LABOUR” it’s very hard work! My exercise programme was based around getting fit for labour but what you also get is life coaching which I don’t think everyone realises. Helen listened to my moans and groans during our personal training sessions and when the session was over I felt so much better physically but also emotionally. Helen also gave me great breathing techniques and even gave my husband and sister (birthing partners) the right massage techniques to use on me during labour. I was able to read my body and knew exactly when I had to go into the hospital (I was wheeled in which is always good as it means it’s not far away). I arrived at the hospital at 6pm, my daughter was born at 10.30pm, a completely drug free labour. I was of course exhausted but the next day I felt fine as I wasn’t drowsy from drugs and more importantly nor was my daughter. She settled very quickly and fed without any problems and I strongly believe that this was from all the training I had done during my pregnancy and my whole approach to the pregnancy and labour. After I had my daughter I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had not put on any weight, in fact I had lost 9lbs! My baby and I had benefited from a healthy diet and I was monitored carefully all through my pregnancy so it was achieved safely. Taking a very holistic approach to my pregnancy and labour really helped me physically and emotionally. It’s not often that you are able to give anything other than horror stories for labour, however for me I have been able to tell people what a great pregnancy I had and you know what, the labour wasn’t that bad either! I highly recommend Helen. Abi Arris, Farnham.
  • Anne Wilson,Class member and Head Teacher
    These are not just any fitness classes but somewhere where you are really made feel part of a club.The stretch class has given me back flexibility that I thought I’d lost forever and the ‘DYBO’ class is quite simply ‘fantastic’. I hate to miss either.

  • Darren Atkins
    As a keen club runner I had become frustrated at a number of recurring running injuries. After seeing a variety of different physios and chiropractors, with varying degrees of success but no complete solution, I was recommended to Helen.Helen took a different approach to other practitioners, looking at the whole body structure, core strength and flexibility and initially recommending a programme based around my basic posture, rather than the actual location of the pain. Following the exercises and programmes recommended by Helen I have managed to stay injury free for over 18 months, and am able to train at increasing levels of intensity. Thank you!

Lifecoaching - Helen has been an amazing support and inspiration to me over the last year.  She exudes positivity and has enabled me to see life for what it was and how it could be.  She awakened me to new possibilites and inspired me to make some positive changes to my life.  I now feel that I have dropped all the excess baggage I was carrying and I have renewed vigour and determination to live life to the full and reach my full potential.  Thank you Helen, you are a star!
Julie Tzivanidou Cove