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Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
October 22, 2018

Good morning DYBO darlings!

I’m starting with 4 questions for you and maybe as they are at the very beginning of this missive you will have time to take a look and respond, I hope so.

  • If I create a special Halloween Night of classes, will you attend and participate, yay or nay? (It’s a Tuesday this year), no extra charge.
  • What music choices would you like to include for our Christmas Party class, ‘Heros and Villains’ – have you booked yet?
  • What requests do you have for classes, music, content or mini workshops?
  • Have you booked Independance Day yet (offer ends this Friday)

A quick email message is all I ask for to helen@dybo.co.uk, ta x

Remember to join our private Facebook group, DYBO participants, it’s just for you and the quickest way to send and receive class information.



You might need to sit down for this!

I was gardening yesterday! (I know, pass the smelling salts)

Anyway as I was pulling up my neglected and woody lavender after doing some digging, planting and so on I was reminded of my own advice! Which is gardening, DIY’ing and cleaning requires a specific type of fitness. GP’s surgerys, Chiropractors, Physios and Sports Therapists like me have a dramatic increase in patients following sunny/dry days. Our appointment books fill with folks whom, after not gardening or DIY’ing etc. for months on end decide to do a full day’s digging, weeding, planting etc. or spend a day with a brush and roller in their hand. Physical trades require a certain amount of specificy of fitness, practised skills and therefore neuro-muscular efficiency, just as we need for any sport. So after having landed flat on my back when the roots of aforementioned lavender gave way, I decided to take a break and get Dec to help! I’m happy to inform that after and epsom salts bath and a good night’s sleep I’m as good as new! Heed my words!

I’m as usual preparing this weeks classes so be prepared for new moves, music and approaches mixed in with those you are familiar with.


Friday’s Core Power and Deep Stretch

Thanks for the great feedback after last Fridays class, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed and found it useful. I’m not running it as a course but I do ask that you let me know in advance if you are coming so I can ensure sufficient equipment is available and I’m prepared with approriate exercises. You can use your voucher card but only in advance, not on the door. Cash fee is payable on the door.


No more Round Pounds!

As you know the round pound is no longer legal UK currency, so please don’t pay with them.


DYBO’s ‘Absolute Divas Christmas Dinner’

Can I have everyone’s full payment in cash (please don’t put it in my bank account). I need it this week so that I can hand it over to the Village Hotel, ta.

PS. Apparently there are still tables available so we would love to welcome more of you to join us!

In summary,

3 course meal,

Live show with the Absolute Divas tribute act,


17th December 7pm-1am,

Village Hotel, Farnborough.



INDEPENDANCE – Offer Ends This Friday!

We are welcoming back the lovely Jo Ali, our guest presenter, on Saturday 2 December at 1pm.

Save £5 when you book before Friday 20 Oct & pay only £33 http://academy.dybo.co.uk/dates/

We have 4 amazing Dance Masterclasses for you to enjoy;

  • Street Dance
  • Lyrical Lines
  • Old Skool Hip Hop
  • Essential Stretch

We look forward to seeing you there!


High Protein Salad Idea!

Take a cup of chick peas, half cup of feta, handful of cherry tomatoes and two teaspooons of pesto. Stir together, serve with a basil leaf for appearance and aroma

Yummy an excellent lunch dish – tasty and heathy.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a fab week,

Kindest regards,




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