Love To Share ?!

Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
October 22, 2018


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Love is both an over and under used word. We use it for food we are fond of, music or movies we like, shoes, clothes etc. but maybe not enough for the really important people in our lives including ourselves! I firmly believe we should all love the planet and all living things on it for the sake of the planet and us! Daily appreciation and thankfulness for all we have, is part of love – it aids our mood and self-worth and is infectious too, so love really does make the world go round. Try making daily thankful statements and looking for the good and beauty all around, giving honest compliments and kind words and you will see what I mean!

You know that I’m commited to helping as many people as I can feel healthy and fit physically and mentally – it’s my mission and purpose!

So for this Valentine’s week I invite you to bring a beloved friend or family member to class as our guest, no charge!


One More Ski Fit Friday, 6.30pm

Come and tighten that bum and thighs!


Big Balls and What To Do With Them

A full body workout with an emphasis on your core (abdominals and back, pelvic and shoulder girdle). Exercises include those influenced by pilates, yoga, sports science conditioning and dance. A truly wonderful non-impact, effective and fun workout.

Bring your own ball (you don’t have one? – you can purchase one inexpensively from us so you can keep up the good work at home). Note: for your safety we only recommend anti-burst quality Stability Balls.


I came across these fab foodie Valentines.

Show your love with simple healthy food ideas!

Have a fab week and yes, I really do Love Ya.

Helen xx

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I have been training with Helen for over three years and attending one of her weekly classes. She is very professional in her work and is an inspiring instructor. In her private gym she works me hard yet within my own capabilities. We also share in laughter which is of course a great tonic for stress. Her private gym sessions are dedicated to my individual (and ever changing) needs, which is the key to success. Helen has expertise in so many areas of her industry and is a caring and confident trainer and her sports massages are second to none!
Val Farnham