Keeping It Simple!

Contemporary Stretch
6:15 pm - 7:25 pm
December 13, 2018

Hi ya, hope you had a fab Bank Holiday weekend, I certainly valued the opportunity to kick back, catch up and point my nose in the right direction after catching my breath!

I feel ‘back on it’ now.

I’m keeping it brief today so..

All Classes running Tuesday to Friday this week

Barre Fit is on Wednesday at 7.30pm and we have new music and sequences to enjoy this week.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga starts this Friday (6.30pm), it’s one of our most popular Friday night classes so book now! (if you are a member please let me know if you are coming)

Whilst I have some yoga mats to loan it would be great if you can bring your own if you have one plus any props (blocks, straps etc.) you might need. No problem if not.


Free Health Talk

‘Abtastic and Perfect Pelvic Floors’! 1.30pm-3pm

Flat abs, strong backs, sound (non leaky) pelvic floors and orgasms!!!

All will be discussed and explained.

Book now!


One of our extended DYBO family Tina Treadwell has just lost her husband after a short but fierce battle with Cancer and so donations from this talk will be going towards Phyliis Tuckwell in honour of Simon Treadwell.

You can help Tina Treadwell raise money for this great cause by donating directly to their fundraising page –

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Phyllis Tuckwell and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.

Simon was only in his 40’s and I have just heard that another friend’s husband has been given a terminal diagnosis for Stomach cancer; he too is in his 40’s.

After Declan’s brother Mick loosing his horrific battle with oesophageal cancer I have been committed (bordering obsessive) to finding a natural and healthy way to be healthy, fit and well so that we have the immune system to fight off major and minor disease. My research leads me to Gut health time and time again. Ignoring the connection is like standing blindfolded on a Motorway!

Cleansing and repairing our gut and maintaining a gut friendly lifestyle will make you feel and be healthier and yes you will look better, even stabilise at a healthy weight! But although you will look better the importance is much greater than aesthetics! Its life, and quality of, saving!

I will run another talk so let me know if you would like to attend!

No recipe this week I want the messages above to have priority!

Truly love ya,


PS. Please return your GDPR acceptation message asap!





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Helen was inspirational when I went to her for Life Coaching. I began to regard events and happenings that caused me pain in a totally different way and the comfort that gave me was intense during some really life changing personal circumstances. It took me some time for her teachings to become a way of thinking for me - I'm still learning and putting into practice what I have been taught. I will always regard this experience as being a turning point in the way I view life's challenges. Thank you so much, Helen.
Liz Wheeler Basingstoke