It’s All Greek To Me!

6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
December 11, 2018

So here I sit under a parasol hiding from the sun like a true slightly pink and crispy around the edges ‘Brit’ who’s skin hasn’t seen any sun since the last time I hid under a large thatch brolly around about this time last year! I’m regretting not getting out in the garden this year to soak up some rays and condition my skin to the brutal rays of Mr. Sunshine yet at the same time I’m happy with how I’ve invested my time this year- with my DYBO family by my side. I’m happy to have grown and evolved our Health and Fitness membership and supported our community with their health and wellness. Together, DYBO Academy’s Co-Director Karen and I have created and grown the teachers Academy too, so you see it’s all been worth sacrificing the tan for! We still have much to do but have taken a well-earned break from it all for a couple of weeks to recharge our creative batteries. This week Karen and I will meet up again in Lanzarote to sweat it out at the international fitness event held there and I’m sure we will come home reinvigorated, inspired and full of ideas!

We continue to need you to champion us and help spread the word about what we do and for whom we do it; what sets us apart and help people who would enjoy and benefit from our classes and services. Your support is, as always, very much valued and appreciated.

Whilst here in Crete I’ve been swimming (in the sea, which is a big step for me), site seeing, walking, reading, meditating, working out, chillin’ and of course people watching! The English are pink, like me, with the men being red on the front and white on the back, the English ladies pink are red all over, the Germans are mahogany, the Italians make it all look effortless and the French are elegant. The Russians have a different idea about what constitutes good manners! But we are all here to take a break from it all and that makes us the same.

There is a lot of cosmetic surgery evident (and I’m sure that the really good surgery is less obvious). I agree that everyone is absolutely right to do what ever makes them happy, the thing that confuses me is that they all look the same, with huge boobs on skinny frames, distorted faces with unusual cheek bones, the same coloured hair pulled back into a high pony tail and duck lips. All of these ladies are buying into an idea of what is beautiful but what is beautiful to them isn’t real, it’s fake and man made. It’s influenced in various ways by the sex industry where the women are hairless, and look like inflatable dolls. I see the young children playing in the sea and sand and wonder how they will regard their bodies as they grow up and develop ‘normally’, will they recognise or understand that women don’t look like hairless Barbie dolls (a girl has just walked past me and her thigh gap is bigger than one of my thighs, I can see the complete outline of her pelvis, shoulder girdle and count every one of her ribs (but she still sports a D cup!). These ladies spend much of their time posing for selfies and acting like they are having a great time but as soon as the camera is put down they go back to looking miserable (or is that hungry?) and checking their mobiles!

I know I’m far from body perfect (or perfect in any way) I am however very healthy, fit and truly happy so you can keep your thigh gap and pass me that ice cream ‘cos I’m on holiday!

Read on for more news and views and veggie recipe…


As you know, our Monday, Tuesday and Friday classes are taking a 3 week break with only Thursday nights running throughout August. Thank you Sarah for teaching a fabulous Contemporary Stretch class last week and Daisy for giving the DYBO divas an amazing dance routine – the enthusiasm and appreciation of which I could hear all the way across the Mediterranean sea, take a look at how brilliantly everyone did…

I will be back on Thursday to teach you and am looking forward to a good stretch and dance with my DYBO crew’s, I will also see some PT clients before I head off to Gatwick again!

Our full class schedule and One to One services resume on Monday 7th September with all classes at their usual times and Freestyle Fitness Yoga returning on Friday nights – remember this is a bookable course and is offered on a first come, first served basis (half the spaces have already been taken so book a.s.a.p. (Note: you don’t have to book the full course – only those you can attend)


Steve’s boys will be competing in the ‘Tour of Britain’ against the big boys of Team Sky, BMC, Etixx-Quick Step etc. The tour starts on Sunday 8th September and finishes on the 15th in London. It’s an amazing event so I recommend you try to get along to one of the stages and cheer them on in person as well the live TV coverage.


I have decided to go Veggie (except I shall eat chicken until I have enough experience and recipe ideas to eat healthily with enough protein). I did so the week before we landed here in Crete. Now whilst there is a lot of lovely fruit and salads, the main meals were predominantly meat so I have eaten lots of Greek Salad (luckily I like it!)


As a refreshing quick and healthy snack or meal try this:


Slices cubes of melon (I like both honeydew and watermelon) with chunks of Feta served with either a pomegranate or balsamic vinegar sparingly splashed over it!


If you have any vegetarian recipes or suggestions please do share them with me!


So I shall go back to my music and book, humming tunelessly and occasionally breaking out into a bit of sun lounger choreography as inspiration takes hold of me!


I hope you are having a wonderful summer and I will see you later this week


Love ya,


Helen xx

Replies for “It’s All Greek To Me!”

  • Stella

    Hi Helen – hope you’re enjoying the sun – it’s wet wet wet here!
    Interesting to see you ‘re trying veggie diet. I’m actually Vegan and
    one of the best ‘cheeses’ I’ve found is Vio Life which is actually made
    in Greece from coconut oil – so you should be able to find it there.
    Avocados are brilliant, hummus, mushrooms (grilled on toast ) nuts with
    just about everything. Good luck.

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I was originally refered to Helen in 1998 by a Chiropractor, following on going back problems from years of competitive tennis.  Helen put together a programme to improve my flexibiity, posture and core strength, and in conjunction with regular sports massage (from Helen) and Chiropractic treatment, totally cleared up my lower back pain.  I have continued regular treatment over the last 13 years to maintain a healthy back and have had minimal problems since.  Last October (2010) I ruptured my achilles tendon playing football, and following surgery Helen and Steve were able to provide me with support and guidance throughout my recuperation.  Ten months on I am back playing tennis and football and training to the maximum at Bodyblitz (one of Helen's classes)!!  
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