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Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
October 22, 2018

…plus Christmas recipe, video links, pictures, thank you’s and more…. read on!

Seasons Greetings

Christmas is nearly here and even I am getting into the festive spirit, helped greatly by the special classes I’ve been putting together and the ‘play along’ spirit and energy of my lovely DYBO darlings. We have two more nights of classes and 5 and half more days of PT/small group training to go before it’s feet up, Morecambe and Wise on the telly, Christmas jumpers and stretchy waist bands!

Sunday night’s Christmas ‘Absolute Divas’ DYBO Christmas dinner was a wonderful night, I loved partying alongside so many of you and don’t you all scrub up well.. ha ha ha, ‘I didn’t recognise you with your clothes’ on, was a common theme!


Is a higher value of mine, I am fiercely loyal and once you are one of my DYBO darlings I’m committed to you like a she wolf!

I’m incredibly grateful for the loyalty of my DYBO family which is why I go above and beyond my ‘job description’, the downside is the hurt I feel when loyalty isn’t returned, or betrayed, but hey ho I’m only human after all (favourite song of the year).

Last week’s Heroes and Villains class was such a fabulous event, the effort of those who came was incredible, the amazing costumes and committed performance was wonderful to be part of. It takes a lot of work before, during and after a special class like this but to see everyone enjoy themselves makes it all very worthwhile and I know its worthwhile for those who go the extra mile too.

Special thanks to Steve for helping me with the music, videoing and editing, Declan for room preparation and clearing away, Jo and Angie for staying behind and helping us tidy and pack up. Without their help I really couldn’t pull these extra special events off.

And here’s the video! Password is “DYBO”.


Classes and Training in the lead up to Christmas…

Monday 18th

Boogie Fit, 6.30pm… Wear Christmassy bits!

Middle Bit 7.15pm… 12 Core Exercises of Christmas

Cardio Dance….. Tinsel and Tiaras


Final Class of 2017

The Christmas Cracker Workout

Tuesday 19th December, ‘bangin’ tunes, fab fitness, great company, brilliant fun.

7-8pm and suitable for all the DYBO family and guests


PT Small Group and all One to One services

are running right up to lunch time on Saturday 23rd December, recommencing on the 2nd January (potential appointments available between Christmas and New year).


Gift ideas

Gift Vouchers available for one to one services (PT, massage, NLP Life coaching and consultations), class vouchers, memberships and bundles.

Resistance bands, loops, yoga mats and blocks and the limited crystal DYBO batwing tops available for sale.


Looking ahead to 2018

I’m doing a Gut Cleanse for myself commencing the 3rd January to repair the impact the Christmas festivities has on my system (repairing the things we can see on the outside, and what we can’t on the inside) and I have 15 others joining me. If you would like to be part of this Gut cleanse group I’m going through the protocols in a meet up on Wednesday 20th December at 7.15pm so that everyone is ready to start and complete the program successfully, starting 2018 feeling fantastic and setting themselves up for optimal fabulousness for the year/s ahead. Simply email me to let me know you are coming.


Ski Fit

A fantastic top to toe body firming and calorie busting workout, brilliant preparation for Skiing and for any one who wants an effective workout in 2018.



‘Independance Days’

We have all 4 Independance dates and guest presenters lined up for 2018!

Dates for your diary…

Sunday 4 February (2-6pm) Tickets available now!

Sunday 13 May (2-6pm)

Sunday 7 October (2-6pm)

Sunday 2 December (1-5pm) (Christmas Themed Party Classes)


‘Keeping It Light’

Have your sweet treats and staying on a healthy eating plan is a challenge at Christmas, how about this idea found on ‘Amy’s Healthy Baking’ website…

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Truffles

‘With only three ingredients, these are SO easy to make!

Customize them by using your favorite flavour of Greek yogurt.

Makes 20-24 truffles

½ cup dark chocolate chips

¼ cup blueberry non-fat Greek yogurt

3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

Add the chocolate chips to a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave on HIGH for 20-second intervals, stirring well between each, until the chocolate is melted. Let the chocolate cool for 5 minutes. Gently fold in the yogurt. Refrigerate for at least 25 minutes, or until it firms up but is still shapeable.

Add the cocoa powder to a small bowl, and line a small baking sheet with wax paper. Remove the chocolate mixture from the refrigerator.

Working with a teaspoon of the chocolate mixture at a time, shape into a ball and roll in the cocoa powder. Place onto the prepared baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining Choco mixture, and refrigerate until ready to serve.


Thank you to my DYBO crew Sarah, Karen H, Daisy, Declan and Steve for all their help with DYBO, without which I simply couldn’t do all that I do.

Thanks also to Karen Smith my Independance co-conspirator for helping make our Independance events a reality and all the independance presenters this past year, Roy Gale, Dan Little, Zoe McNulty and Jo Ali for their wonderful classes and contribution to keeping independent, creative and original fitness and dance alive and top class in the sea of all the prepackaged offerings out there.

Thank you all my regular and committed DYBO Divas and Dudes – I love you all.

If I don’t see you before, I wish you an utterly fabulous Christmas and New Year.

Love ya,

Helen xx

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