If not now, when?

Contemporary Stretch
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December 13, 2018

It’s almost the end of February – time flies doesn’t it!

You might, like many others, have promised yourself to do or achieve a variety of things and have intended to start on them by now. So what is stopping you?

Many times I’ve bumped into people who have either enjoyed our classes as a participant and lapsed or heard about them. They tell me they intend to start back and then list the reasons why they haven’t yet. Some of these include “I will come when I’m a bit fitter”! Erm, isn’t the point of coming to class to get fit? (oh, and to enjoy yourself of course). How do they plan to get fit enough to come if they don’t come? Another excuse is “I’ve got to lose weight first”. Truthfully, you can’t out-train a bad diet and a healthy diet is key to weight management alongside effective exercise and being active. Again, it’s not a logical argument. Sometimes people haven’t got anything to wear; well wear anything comfy, we really don’t care as long as you are comfortable and won’t overheat or get cold. You might have other personal or professional goals you want to achieve (arts and crafts, learning to bake, garden, sing, do your own book keeping…options to improve ourselves are limitless – what are you putting in the way of achieving them? We can all think of many reasons why we can’t when all it takes is one good reason why we must and can.

Begin by saying ‘I will start by’ and state a date, then “I will have achieved it by” and give a date. Request support, tell those who will help you, and request a trusted ally to hold you accountable for your actions. Seek advice for an effective strategy.

Every marathon begins with just one step! In terms of fitness it is true that no matter how slow, uncoordinated, unfit, overweight and so on, you will certainly be lapping, going faster and doing better than those who are still sat on their sofa!

Quite simply, just do it!


Read on for happy news, new class on the schedule and a yummy pancake recipe…


Congratulations to…

Jo Ali (one of our guest Presenters for our Independance days) who welcomed Ava Mae into the world on 10/02/17. Both Mum and baby are doing really well and Dad Matt is just about recovered!

Rebecca (Bex) Tzivanidou on her engagement to Giuseppe, her new Job and new feet (post foot surgery!) Busy year already for Becca!


Big Balls and What To Do With Them

Book now, and let me know if you need a ball today.


Another Low Carb Pancake Recipe!

Pancakes aren’t just for Shrove Tuesday; they are an excellent breakfast or tea all year round. I’ve shared my two ingredient pancakes with you before, here’s another recipe for you to try…

2 oz cream cheese

2 eggs

1 tsp granulated sugar (I leave this out)

½ tsp cinnamon

Berries, chopped nuts and warmed maple syrup or honey to serve.


Beat eggs and cream cheese together until well combined and smooth, add cinnamon and sugar. Cook on a pre-heated and greased frying pan, flip when ingredients are cooked to brown on other side.

Serve with berries, warmed syrup and chopped nuts.


Have a fab week hope to see you soon.

Love ya,

Helen xx

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