Holidays are coming!

Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
January 21, 2019

I’m certainly looking forward to the Christmas season and so far it’s been ace!

Commencing with our ‘Fantastic Festive Indpendance Day’ at the start of the month where new and regular friends came together to share the love of creative independent dance styles.

For the DYBO offerings I have ensured that each dance class has their own Christmas routine and working on those with you guys has been an utter blast. All routines will be wrapped up (get it!) this week, don’t worry if you’ve not been yet I shall be teaching all from scratch. Come on jump in on the fun and fabulousness. I have special festive lesson plans for all our classes this week.

(Monday to Thursday Timetable with festive dressing encouraged!)

Monday 17th December

6.30pm – ‘Elfies Christmas Boogie Fit’  – channel your inner elf!

7.15pm – ‘Santa’s Middle Bit!’

7.45pm – ‘Christmas Cracker Cardio Dance’


Tuesday 18th December

6.30pm – ‘The 12 days of HIIT!’

7.15pm – ‘The Core before Christmas!’

7.45pm –  ‘Oh Santa’s Christmas Pom Poms Dance Fit’


Wednesday 19thDecember

7.30pm – ‘See you at the Barre with the Sugar Plum Fairies’


Thursday 20thDecember

6.15pm – ‘Release, Relax and Restore’ (bring your balls and  rollers)

7.30pm – Save the last dance for me, ‘The Power of Love’


Classes and Teachers take a Xmas and New Year Break…Classes resume on Monday the 7thJanuary 2019

One to One services available by appointment over the festive break (excluding Christmas, Bank Holidays and Sundays)

Our DYBO Hollywood night last Friday was the best yet and I know I’m biased but you all scrubbed up beautifully! So much glitz and glamour from the boys and the girls and my heart was bursting with happiness watching you all eat, drink, dance and laugh, creating and building friendships.

For me that is a massive part of why I do this.

Last week I gave thanks and thank you’s and this week I want to take forward my learning and experiences from previous years and look to the future.

 DYBO Health and Fitness, Academy and I have much planned in the year to come:

  • The new, much larger, PT Gym will be completed where, in addition to one to one work, we have can run small group sessions during the day, accommodating those who want to work out with just a few people.
  • We have new classes planned and new teachers (I will introduce you in the New Year)
  • I will be attending an in-depth new and bespoke integrated anatomy and physical training course with an award winning Physio (I’ve been accepted on the course and am, frankly, scared stiff! But I want to grow and be challenged so it’s a good thing. The training will take me away for a few days through the year so please stand by and support me and the cover teachers and trainers – it will all ultimately be for your benefit.
  • We have more ‘Independance Days’ planned – the first two days are given below. There will more planned in the autumn (we are just tying up dates etc.)



Get more ‘On the Piste’ time and be Ski Fit before you go!

Ski Fit will enhance your technique and endurance, assist recovery between ski sessions, & increase your enjoyment and value for money as you spend more time on the slopes.

These classes are great for all
 Skiers and individuals who wish
 to tone and strengthen their arms, legs, butts and core!

If sufficient interest, I plan to run classes on Wednesdays 6.30-7.15pm – please let me know if you would like to book.


New Year, New Fitness Yoga (Fridays 6.30-7.15pm)

I’m making Fridays ‘Fitness Yoga Night’ for the foreseeable future because this class is so loved by regular attendees and I want to keep providing them with a class they feel is valuable for them.

It’s not a pure Yoga class, as people might know it, it’s simple movements without Sanskrit terminology (using fitness language) and you don’t have to be ‘bendy’ to do it. As I do with all my teaching, I accommodate all levels of fitness and abilities

And of course in the year ahead I shall continue to create and teach completely bespoke and independent fitness and dance classes. I shall leave the one size fits all franchise and ‘virtual’ fitness products to the big Gyms – we shall remain boutique and fabulous, creating classes to meet you and your needs and likes!


Xmas Drinking

When planning your festivities please remember some alcohol free but tasty options, this recipe will make those of us who are driving, or don’t drink, feel considered and catered for. It’s great for your gut health too so if you are taking a break from the booze try this.


Pear and Sage Water

(Hint: Ensure your fruit is nice and ripe to avoid flavourless and overly bitter drinks)


  • 3-4 ripe pears
  • 2-3 sage leaves


What You’ll Need

  • A jug or pitcher
  • A wooden spoon, muddler, or rolling pin
  • Fresh tap water ( I like sparkling)
  • Ice


It is very easy to get bored with water, so why not make it a little more interesting by adding a few healthy, simple and natural ingredients. It’ll take you a matter of minutes to create this drink and can be made in large batches and kept in the fridge.

  1. Add the sage leaves to your jug/pitcher
  2. Press down and twist the sage leaves using your wooden spoon/muddler/rolling pin. The aim is to bruise the leaves to release plenty of flavour but not to pulverise them into pieces
  3. Thinly slice your pears, and drop into the jug/pitcher. Press and twist your fruit to release the sweet flavours
  4. Fill the jug/pitcher with ice cubes
  5. Fill with tap water to the brim
  6. Give a good stir with a large table spoon
  7. Secure lid/cover with cling film and place in the fridge
  8. Allow it to chill nicely and infuse the flavours for an hour or two
  9. Your ice will filter out fruit bits when pouring your glass, although if your ice has melted, simply pour your naturally flavoured water through a sieve into your glass
  10. Sit back and enjoy!

(you could also make some with hot(ish) water instead of Tea or Mulled Wine!)

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.

You have my love and goodwill as always.

My thanks to you and the DYBO crew Sarah, Karen H , Karen S, Daisy, Rachel, Steve and Declan.

Love ya,

Helen xxx

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I have known Helen for 12 years. I joined Helens fitness classes and have never looked back. Helen is my personal trainer, massage therapist, and still love attending her fitness classes. Helen is very helpful when discussing my dietary requirements, as well as guiding me through the ante/post natal period with my second child and injury rehabilitation. I have found Helen to be very professional, knowledgeable and a brilliant motivator. Helen has not only become a very close friend but a mentor to my wellbeing. Helen is my ‘Guru’!
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