Happy Holidays!

6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
December 11, 2018

Wish you were here, you would love it!

Yes, I’m sunning myself in Lanzarote in a fancy hotel before I meet up with the girls for a fitness event at Club La Santa on the other side of the island. Sheesh, I hadn’t appreciated how tired I was but after some long sleeps I’m up and at ’em, back in the gym and feel much better for it. You guys are never far from my thoughts but I hear that Rachel, Karen and Daisy are doing a brilliant job looking after you all so I can relax.

Congratulations to Rebecca Tzivanidou on her wedding day – she looked beautiful and very happy, so did big Sis Emily and proud Mum Julie!

Steve’s ONE PRO Cycling team will be racing against the world’s best in the Tour of Britain starting next Sunday – wish them luck. You can see it live every day on ITV4.

This week we have classes on Tuesday (6.30pm HIIT, 7.15 Core Power and 7.45 pm Cardio Dance) and Thursday (6.15pm Contemporary Stretch and 7.30pm Dancespiration). You can book in advance or pay on the door (£6.50 in advance).

Karen is offering Massage and PT appointments too.


Remember to book your place at our Summer Fitness Yoga class – first come, first served!

Dr Michael Mosley (the one on the telly) has got with the plan and is now an advocate of a gut friendly lifestyle, here is a link to his recipe suggestion for a gut healthy salad.. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/insight/recipes/michael-mosleys-perfect-meal-gut

Tell me what you think!

Have a fab week..

Love ya, Helen xx

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These are not just any fitness classes but somewhere where you are really made feel part of a club. The stretch class has given me back flexibility that I thought I'd lost forever and the 'DYBO' class is quite simply ‘fantastic’. I hate to miss either.
Anne Wilson, Class member and Head Teacher