Group Exercise Classes

Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
January 21, 2019

We have a wide range of Group Exercise Classes to suit everyone every evening in the week – All Hallows School in Farnham.

The Friday class changes every 4-6 weeks, so please regularly check our timetable on this site or sign up to receive our weekly newsletter.

  • The Perfect Summer Solution

    Part 1 - HIIT Training - short bursts of high intensity activity interspersed with easy recovery, a time efficient calorie blaster. Part 2 - Creative Core - exercises from my multi-discipline approach to core training for Abs, backs and more! Part 3 – Release, Relax and Stretch - restore optimal movement, release tension, relax and prepare for the weekend 3 in 1 class - perfect for the Summer!

  • Barre Fit

    Do you want? Toned legs Firm butt Strong core Great posture Fabulous flexibility   !!! YES !!! Then see you at the ‘Barre’ Barre fitness with DYBO is a blend of ballet Inspired exercises with Pilates and Yoga Influences with a big helping hand of exercise science

  • Core Power

    30 minutes of exercise to strengthen abdominals, back and entire core for function and aesthetics. Free to all HIIT or Dance Fit participants or £3.50 on the door

  • HIIT

    High Intensity Interval Training. High octane, high energy, multi level fitness class. Easy to follow, lots of fun and really effective!

  • 3 in 1 Summer Workout

    Fridays are now for our 3 in 1 Summer Workout. We have designed this class to keep you in shape for that last bit of Summer fun, 6.30-7.15pm at All Hallows. Cardio, conditioning and stretch in one class!

  • Burlesque Fitness Fusion

    Inspired by the great classic burlesque performers, current performers in shows, pop music and movies, this class will teach you how to show off your curves and celebrate all that is feminine. Appreciate how to enjoy womanly shapes rather than pummel them into hard muscular statues. The tempo is at times faster than classic burlesque to improve cardiovascular fitness yet also slows to challenge muscle control, balance and stability. Most importantly, you will have lots of fun and giggles experiencing a new way of moving and something different! Suitable for all levels and experience

  • The Middle Bit

    This 30 minute class focuses on you ‘Middle Bit’ with exercises that effectively target your abdominals and back, plus some for your buttocks, chest, thighs and arms! By developing greater understanding and using specific exercises, you will benefit from a stronger, firmer mid-section and stable core Cost is £3.50 or FREE is you attend Boogie Fit or Cardio Dance on the same day!

  • Boogie Fit

    Want to learn how to dance & be fit, firm & fabulous? Then this is the class you’ve been waiting for! This class is ideal for beginners and returners. This class is coached step-by-step, easy to learn moves & combinations, ensuring you succeed, have fun and become fitter! Who is it for? Anyone who enjoys moving to great music, with little or no dance fitness experience or is returning after a break. Every Monday 6:30pm-7:15pm. (if you attend this class, the class afterwards; "The Middle Bit" Is free

  • Power Hoop
    Power Hoop

    Fitness with a twist...! The large diameter makes Powerhoop easy to use, even for beginners. The weight and wavy inner surface slims your waist and strengthens your core muscles. With regular use you'll be surprised how quickly you'll see results like:- Slimmer waist & stronger core Toned muscles in glutes, hips & thighs Reduced lower back pain & stiffness Improved co-ordination & balance

  • The Grid

    A revolutionary way to improve biomechanical function and strengthen the entire body releasing tension in Myofascia and challenging core stability. This course will introduce you to the benefits of self-massage, trigger point therapy and self myofascial release using the Grid foam roller. If you are already familiar with the techniques, it will expand your existing knowledge.

  • New Year Fitness Yoga

    NYFY is a blend of ancient Yoga inspired postures with modern fitness methods. It's a fitness program that incorporates stretch, strength and yoga like postures. There is no dogma, chanting or use of Sanskrit terms. The focus is on strength, stability, suppleness and mindful breathing. You will feel fantastic afterwards!

  • Power STEP Combo

    Fun, Effective and Simple, including a variety of cardiovascular training techniques and whole body muscle toning exercises. A 6 week Friday courses, run on selected dates throughout the year

  • Beach Body Workout

    Are you ready for the Beach and Holiday season? DYBO’s Beach Body Workout is a fun, whole body workout that will tone wobbly bits, define muscle and improve your fitness. Sessions include a variety of effective exercises and formats to keep your workout fresh and inspiring, helping you be in great shape for the beach and beyond!

  • Ski Fit

    Attending Ski Fit will enhance your technique, endurance, assist recovery between ski sessions and increase enjoyment and value for money because you spend more time on the slopes. ese classes are also great for all athletes and individuals who wish to tone and strengthen their arms, legs, butts and core!

  • Big Balls And What To Do With Them

    Used by Physiotherapists for many years, Stability Balls are an excellent training tool for rehabilitation, full body workouts and especially Abdominals!! Join this course and learn how to use them safely and with maximum effect. A 6 week course on a Friday runs at selected times throughout the year

  • Contemporary Stretch

    A contemporary way to relax and de-stress. See your shoulders loosen as you leave your tension behind and move towards a calmer and revitalised new you. This class includes movements from Pilates, Yoga, Chi Ball, Feldenkrais, Therapeutic Exercise, Shiatsu and Exercise Science. Ideal for everyone who needs to improve flexibility, mobility and joint stability as well as anyone suffering from back pain or recovering from injury.

  • Dancespiration

    DYBO - An exciting class that includes exercises that will tone, shape and stretch your body like a dancer, followed by an easy to learn dance routine that will inspire you to burn fat while you shake, shimmy and glide your way to fitness! Thursday 7:30p-8:30pm

  • Dance Fit

    In this class you are taken from street level to the stars! You will build physically, mentally and emotionally to an exhilirating peak of performance! Tuesday 7:45pm-8:30pm

  • Cardio Dance

    Single Track - This class has Helen's award winning signature format. With various styles of music and hot yet cool choreography throughout this cutting edge class, there is truly something for everyone! Monday 7.30-8.30pm



I have been training with Helen for over three years and attending one of her weekly classes. She is very professional in her work and is an inspiring instructor. In her private gym she works me hard yet within my own capabilities. We also share in laughter which is of course a great tonic for stress. Her private gym sessions are dedicated to my individual (and ever changing) needs, which is the key to success. Helen has expertise in so many areas of her industry and is a caring and confident trainer and her sports massages are second to none!
Val Farnham