From Blackpool to Barcelona!   

Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
October 22, 2018

I took an opportunity to stretch my wings and flew to Barcelona for the long Easter weekend. A far cry from my drive to present at the IFS conference in Blackpool the weekend before!

Everyday we took in the sites, trekked the mountains and explored the monuments. A very active yet still refreshing break. It’s only a two hour trip by plane and it seems strange that I’m writing to you whilst waiting in the departure lounge.

I also took time out for some choreography and have outlined a new routine for you Cardio Dancers tonight and of course HIIT crew, I could never forget about you – I have challenges ready for you too x.

Thank you Sarah and Daisy for running the Thursday night classes, I’m sure it went well.

So to the week ahead. All classes are running from Tuesday onwards including our new Friday Night Fitness offering, ‘Big Balls and What To Do With Them’, the most effective core workout going (of course it is when I’m teaching you!) with lots of ‘all over’ exercise to firm and strengthen everywhere with plenty of flexibility work added to ensure optimum range of movement and posture!

Keeping it short and sweet darlings as I have to turn off my phone to departure.

See u in 2 hours, Blighty.

Love ya, Helen xx

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Lifecoaching - Helen has been an amazing support and inspiration to me over the last year.  She exudes positivity and has enabled me to see life for what it was and how it could be.  She awakened me to new possibilites and inspired me to make some positive changes to my life.  I now feel that I have dropped all the excess baggage I was carrying and I have renewed vigour and determination to live life to the full and reach my full potential.  Thank you Helen, you are a star!
Julie Tzivanidou Cove