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Boogie Fit (Resumes 10 Sep)
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
August 20, 2018

No, not me (rude!)!!! Happy St George’s Day.

Today we celebrate all things English (my Scottish, Irish and Welsh pals have their day so this is ours) …‘erm now I’m stuck … how do we celebrate being English? I suppose it’s a nice cup of tea and a moan about the weather ha ha. So when I’ve done that I shall be busting some moves and putting together the choreography I have planned for our next ‘Independance Day’ (13th May) plus some more class choreography and session plans too.

I don’t know where the weekend went? On Saturday after seeing clients in the morning, I gave my Gut Health talk. I received excellent questions from attendees and feedback from those who have completed the Gut Cleanse and are now in control of their health, weight, energy and positivity.

Seriously, repairing and caring for your Gut Biome is life transforming!

On Sunday I was invited to trial three fitness products and feedback to the provider, I did a three-hour fitness marathon of my own! Surprisingly I feel fine today (so far!!!) Post script – I can now feel my triceps, ouch!

This coming weekend I’m delivering my rescheduled Ante Post Natal teacher training course for Pilates teachers (we had to cancel due to snow last time). I really enjoy sharing my research, experience and techniques with instructors who want to care for their ante natal clients, ensuring they are safe and fit for pregnancy, labour and motherhood.


Tell me what you want what you really, really want!

Let me know about what talks/workshops you would like to attend, what health and fitness topics would you like to learn more about, what training or class content would you like, music you want to workout /dance to and so on. Over to you!



Barre Fit!


Stability Balls! 


Fermented fruits full of gut friendly goodness

I found this recipe on the ‘empowered sustenance’ website…I think it will be fab with yogurt or cream as a breakfast or dessert.

Fermented fruits are a traditional and medicinal food. A power-packed source of probiotics, these cultured apples have a pleasantly sweet and slightly tangy flavour.


  • 4 cups of apples, ideally organic
  • 1 teaspoon unrefined salt,
  • ½ teaspoon starter culture — or fresh whey if tolerated
  • Optional herbs or scraps| half an orange peel, half a lemon peel, one cinnamon stick, a teaspoon of cloves, a few leaves of fresh mint, a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, vanilla beans if tolerated
  • Optional nuts, seeds, and dried fruit| sprouted almonds, sprouted walnuts, medjool dates, raisins


  • Fermentation vessel, such as clip top pickle/jam jars


  1. Cut up your apples and mix in the salt, starter culture, and any optional ingredients you’d like to include. I usually opt out of the nuts and dried fruit and often make it with berries, but I chose apples for its seasonal flavours. If you do choose to use nuts or dried fruit, subtract that amount from the amount of apples you use.
  2. Place the ingredients into your fermentation vessel and pack it all in, making sure to reduce any air bubbles. I try not to mush the pieces since I like to keep the integrity of the apples, but pack it however you’d like it in terms of texture. Any fermentation vessel must be stoneware or glass, without any BPA lining or treated with phthalate. So, I depend on Weck jars, which seal out air completely and are safe to use.
  3. Once you have your vessel with your preferred ingredients, fill the jar with pure water, leaving about an inch of space for expansion. Put the lid on the vessel and leave it away from direct sunlight for 24-48 hours. The timing is dependent on the temperature of your house—it will take a shorter amount of time for fermentation to take place if the surroundings are above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t open the jar as it’s fermenting since air and sunlight will get in the way of the fermentation process.
  4. It’s ready to eat when it smells and tastes slightly tangy but not sour, pungent, or “off.” Let your nose guide you—if it smells so strong that a whiff is enough, you probably don’t want to eat it. Just compost it and start a new batch, aiming to check it earlier. Once your creation is ready to your taste, refrigerate it to slow down fermentation and consume within two months.


Table salt is unsuitable, as it doesn’t allow fermentation, Himalayan or pink salt are good options


Give it a go!

Have a fab week and remember to send me your requests and feedback.

Love ya,

Helen x




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