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6:15 pm - 7:25 pm
December 13, 2018

Good morning, do you have a case of ‘Februaryitis’ ? I seem to be surrounded by it!

It’s a simple condition to catch – contributing factors are…

*Lack of Vitamin D due to shorter daylight hours for a few months and lack of fresh air and outside time (due to staying indoors)

*Fed up having no money after Christmas

*Fed up not having stuck with the weight loss/healthy eating/more exercise plan set at the start of January.

*Coughs/Colds/Viruses all around.

*Roadworks, unreasonable deadlines, etc etc etc !!!!


Ok, well I have a healing prescription for you!


Firstly, a news round up…


It was a brilliant week last week, everyone is showing real improvements in fitness, co-ordination/skill, technique and for some, weight loss too in both PT and classes – bravo all, your efforts are certainly paying off and you all seem to be enjoying the process and results; goodness that makes me happy! Keep it up team!


We have two more Ski Fit classes left (it’s never too late to join us) on Fridays and then our next Friday Night Fitness class will be “Big Balls and What To Do With Them!” starting on the 27th February – there are limited class numbers for safety and effectiveness, so book now.

Over the weekend Karen and I delivered another one of our workshops, ‘Signature Moves’ and the reviews have been overwhelmingly fab – thrilled is an understatement. These wonderful teachers have a revived passion for teaching dance inspired fitness and I gave them lots of new methods/tips for creating their own fab choreography and I’m happy to report that they too share the DYBO love!



Steve returned from his Mallorca based training camp with his new Team “ONE Pro Cycling” and took his boys to their first road race as a team, winning the top 4 placing’s! Boom, super coach does it again – well done everyone!





To protect yourself from this common condition do as follows:-

*Bugs, Coughs colds etc. To keep them away, firstly wash hands more regularly and use ‘anti bac gel’, avoid touching handrails, public door handles, key pads, elevator buttons etc. with your bare hands and avoid touching your face. Use your own cups at work, obviously don’t drink from the same cups/water bottles etc., (even with loved ones).

*Get enough sleep (6-8 hours!) Sleep is restorative and boosts immunity.

*Handle your stress effectively. Deal with issues/problems immediately, don’t put them off and allow them grow out of proportion. Explore options to delegate and be efficient at prioritising. Investigate exactly what it is that is worrying you; is it a real thing or an imagined thing? (most of what we worry about never happens – such a waste of effort isn’t it) Ask for help, both practically and emotionally.

* Deal with debt, get advice and help to remove the stress and take action.

* Stay away from negative people and emotional vampires; you can’t help them (they can only help themselves – in fact you might be assisting them to stay in a negative sate by fuelling the attention it gets for them, negativity is infectious)

* Hang out with positive, upbeat people who support your healthy life style choices rather than try to make themselves feel better by derailing them! Positivity is infectious!

* Get at least 20 mins of daylight every day, take your coffee/lunch break outside

* Get at least 30 mins of exercise every day; choose something that you enjoy. It can be as simple as a walk, run, bike ride or one our fab classes or personal training.

* Eat well, lots of natural food (ideally organic) that has lots of nutrients. We have more energy, have a better mood and can control out weight more easily if we eat a healthy, chemical-free diet, loaded with nutrients.

* Drink more water 2-liters/8 glasses daily.

*Take a daily dose of hot water, lemon, honey, Echinacea and garlic (that’ll keep the vampires away too!). All have immune boosting properties.

*If you do get the lurgies, Rest if you have a temperature, elevated heart rate and symptoms below the neck (shivers, aches etc.). If you have a light head cold, gentle/moderate exercise is immune boosting, and please be careful not to infect others.


So that’s how you deal with ‘Februaryitis’ and with Valentines around the corner you wan to show a bit of self love and be germ free ready for lots of valentines kisses!


Have a fab week,


Love ya






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I have known Helen for 12 years. I joined Helens fitness classes and have never looked back. Helen is my personal trainer, massage therapist, and still love attending her fitness classes. Helen is very helpful when discussing my dietary requirements, as well as guiding me through the ante/post natal period with my second child and injury rehabilitation. I have found Helen to be very professional, knowledgeable and a brilliant motivator. Helen has not only become a very close friend but a mentor to my wellbeing. Helen is my ‘Guru’!
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