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January 21, 2019
  • Personal Training

    Personal Training

    Why Do I Need A Personal Trainer?

    With all the conflicting information surrounding us today regarding healthy eating and exercise, it is difficult to know how to make the right choices. As experts in the field we can help you make the right choices for you, and help with your motivation to get fit and healthy.

    How Can We Help?

    We are a team of highly qualified, experienced & dedicated fitness professionals, aiming to assist our clients to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. No matter what your age, gender, level of fitness, size, shape or profession, together we will find a programme to help achieve your fitness goals safely! We individualise all of our programmes – no “one size fits all” programmes with us! We intend to ensure our clients progress towards their potential, therefore clients programmes will continually evolve – massage and stretch sessions can also be included to ensure healthy muscle and joint function.

    With Us You Can

    • Improve fitness (endurance, strength, flexibility, co-ordination)
    • Improve muscle tone and appearance
    • Reduce body fat and lose weight
    • Make healthy lifestyle choices
    • Ease tension, increase relaxation, reduce negative effects of stress and prevent burn out
    • Rehabilitate after injury e.g. back conditions etc
    • Improve/maintain fitness during pre/post natal period
    • Prepare for sporting events and special occasions
    • Simply look and feel great!
    • Get Started and Keep Going!

    Isn’t Personal Training Just For The Rich & Famous?

    No, our clients include hairdressers, office workers, housewives, company directors, students, youths, seniors and people with injuries as well as a variety of domestic and world class athletes. We can train you at home, in our private one to one gymnasium or by phone and e-mail, depending on your needs.

    How Long Does It Take?

    It depends upon your training goals and how much time you wish to commit to your training. At your first consultation the practicalities of what you want to achieve, what you do and don’t enjoy and how much time you can commit will be discussed and a weekly schedule will be drawn up.

    How often you have Personal Training and for how long are also variable. We recommend each Personal Training session is a minimum of 60 minutes. Our Trainers will also provide feedback on diet and other activities undertaken during the week, making recommendations that apply outside of your personal training session!

    We take the whole of your life into consideration.

  • Ante-Post Natal

    Ante-Post Natal

    Pregnancy is often a time when women become more interested in their health and fitness – often concerned about which activities, exercise and diet is best for them and their babies during those 40 weeks. Our teachers are fully trained and qualified in Ante-Post natal exercise.

    Helen Carpenter-Waters is a leading expert in Ante-Post Natal exercise. She has researched and written her teacher training course in Ante-Post Natal exercise, lecturing health and fitness students at FCOT (Farnborough College of Technology, OCR level 3, HND, BSC) and Pilates Training Solutions (OCR level3, REPS).
    Helen continuously reviews current research and practice and has trained 1000’s of ladies before, during and after childbirth.

    We follow the current RCOG and ACOG guidelines combining them with our own extensive knowledge and experience of working with pregnant and post natal ladies, both in our classes and one to one. We take an individual case/my case approach to working with our ante post natal clients

    Research has shown that being fit before, during and after pregnancy is a benefit for Mum and baby. The health and emotional benefits are extensive and well documented (although never guaranteed!)

    Benefits To Mum

    • Reduced risk of excess weight gain
    • Maintain/improve posture
    • Maintain and promote pelvic floor strength and control
    • Maintain/improve aerobic conditioning, muscular strength and endurance as well as flexibility
    • Reduced incidence of back pain and general aches and pains
    • Increased tolerance of labour and delivery (some evidence of reduced length of labour)
    • Reduced incidence of pregnancy complications
    • Reduced incidence of sleeping difficulties
    • Improved circulation (can reduce risk of varicose veins and haemorrhoids)
    • Improves digestion (can reduce risk of constipation)
    • Reduced swelling of extremities
    • Reduces risk of gestational diabetes
    • Reduces risk of pre-eclampsia
    • Reduced problems with breathing
    • Quicker return to former shape and fitness, post-partum and more likely to return to exercise post-partumAll of the above help in improving the feeling of wellbeing and increased self-esteem which reduces possible depression and anxiety and stress.

    Evidence suggests that exercise provides a protective effect against coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and hypertension with reduced risk of colon cancer and perhaps breast cancer.

    Our Objectives

    We assist all Mums to, irrespective of experience or fitness levels, get fit for pregnancy, labour and motherhood (all of which are challenging, physically and psychologically)

    We help new Mums get back into shape when baby has arrived, working with her on her fitness, figure and nutrition.

    Addressing issues with pelvic floor, abdominals (including post C section, diastasis recti and episiotomy), pelvis and spinal issues, (PSD and SI joint Syndrome, lower back, mid back and neck pain) carpal tunnel, elbow, knee or ankle issues.

    Exercise will help new Mums boost energy levels, improve their appearance, fitness and sense of well being (research shows that exercise is effective in the treatment of mild to moderate post natal depression).

    We are experts in the field or Ante Postnatal exercise and love working with Mums to be and new Mums and introducing their babies to the world of health and fitness. Call or email Helen for a chat to discuss the best option for you.

  • Sports Conditioning and event preparation

    Sports Conditioning and Event Preparation

    We have assisted athletes, across many sporting disciplines, train for sport and competition. So whether you are a Weekend Warrior, Fun Runner, Sportive rider or a Professional world-class athlete we can help you train smart and perform to your best in competition.

    Former and Current athletes that we have train are;

    Runners, cyclists (Track, Road and Mountain bike), Swimmers, Synchronized swimmers, Triathletes, Cross fitters, Body builders, Tennis players, Gymnasts, Footballers, Fitness enthusiasts, Dancers, Motor sport drivers (World Rally, Touring Car and Formula 1), Motocross riders, Horse riders and more.

    We have assisted World and National champions, Olympic athletes, Commonwealth champions, Tour De France and Pro Tour cyclists, TV celebrities and the wonderful regular people who want to try a fun run, charity bike ride, swim, triathlon whose only goal is to finish! We love to assist everyone achieve their sporting/fitness goals.

    We work mainly with individuals but do offer team training and club consultancy/advice

    You can be assisted assist with:

    Physical Preparation

    • Foundations, (flexibility, mobility and stability)
    • Strength and Conditioning (specific to sporting needs)
    • Advanced flexibility, where necessary (eg martial arts, gymnastics, dance, synchronised swimming etc.)
    • Cardio vascular fitness (specific to meet sporting needs)
    • Periodised programming (getting you to peak, when you want to peak)

    Psychological Preparation

    Combining NLP, Life Coaching and hypnosis techniques with sound sports coaching knowledge and a great deal of experience) we help athletes create a focused mind set that will allow them to perform at their best in the competition arena

    Training and Preparing for Competition.

    Having the mind and body ready to perform appropriately in training and stepping it up for competition.Advice with taperingand recovery,dealing with success and disappointment, debriefing, evaluating and learning from training blocks and events.

    Call or email to speak with Steve or Helen regarding your individual or teams sporting/fitness needs

  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation

    Sports Injury Rehabilitation

    We assist clients with the recovery from acute and chronic injuries in both athletes and non-athletes.

    Our reputation for effective treatment, rehabilitation/recovery plans and advice has resulted in Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Doctors from the local area, and beyond, referring their patients to us as part of a complete treatment plan.

    We offer:

    • Postural Assessment
    • Mobility, flexibility and stability assessment.
    • Corrective exercise prescription and programs
    • Manual Stretch and massage (including various techniques such as Shiatsu stretch, PNF, MET. Deep tissue, Myofascial and trigger point work)
    • Ultra Sound therapy (for pain relief, swelling and improving rate of recovery)
    • Exercise, life style and dietary advice to enhance rate of recovery and rehabilitation

    Call or email to discuss your case. Ask For Sarah, Karen or Helen

  • Sports Massage

    Sports Massage

    Sports massage is for everyone – not just sports people! Anyone who builds tension and stress in their muscles by repetitive activities including sitting for long periods in front of a computer screen or driving a car will benefit from deep tissue massage and stretches. Of course, if you play sport or exercise at any level you will benefit from massage and stretching of muscle fascia, tendons and ligaments etc.

    Sports massages are very firm and work deeply into the tissues assisting the release of tension and preventing further disruption of muscle tissue and fascia and potential injury to muscles and associated joints. Sports massage is also key to resolving injuries such as sprains, strains and tears assisting a more complete recovery and restoring better function to affected areas. There are various techniques used to bring about improvement and each treatment is thorough and individualised.

    We offer restorative and therapeutic deep tissue work, stretching, prehab and rehab treatments, corrective exercise programs, pre and post event massage and ultra sound therapy to assist with recovery from injury and pain management.

    Benefits of Sports Massage

    • Assists to maintain and improve circulation and lymphatic flow
    • Removes metabolic waste, improves micro circulation
    • Releases muscle tension
    • Improves muscle performance
    • Improves muscle elasticity
    • Improves scar tissue
    • Improve mobility and flexibility
    • Relax generally and enhance feeling of wellness
    • Enhance daily and sports performance
    • Extends sports careers

    Prevention is best, so don’t delay getting that niggle seen to and seek early treatment.

  • Postural Assessment & Correction

    Postural Assessment & Correction

    Poor postural alignment results in muscle/joint pain, weakness, wear, tear and injury, a reduction in performance, form and technique. Following an assessment you will be prescribed a corrective programme to do at home, work, gym etc. to bring about improvement rapidly.

  • Fitness Assessments

    Fitness Assessments

    Take out the guess work regarding where you are now with your fitness and body composition and stay abreast with the progress you have made on your journey to your goals.

    We can assess, review, feedback and prescribe in the following areas:

      • Postural assessment. Poor postural alignment results in muscle/joint pain, weakness, wear, tear and injury, a reduction in performance, form and technique. Following an assessment you will be prescribed a corrective programme to do at home, work, gym etc. to bring about improvement rapidly
      • Body composition. Know exactly how much of your body is muscle, fat, bone and water with our painless and non invasive testing
      • Cardiovascular fitness and individual heart rate training zones via our personalised assessment. You will know exactly what to do and how to achieve your fitness goals
    • We perform non-invasive assessments on flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, core and joint stability e.g. abdominal, lumbar spine and pelvic stability. We will advise regarding the correct activity to improve optimal performance/goals. We will also assist with the prevention and rehabilitation from injury, alleviate back/joint pain and improve technique with day to day and sports/dance performance and of course, appearance

  • Weight Management

    Weight Management

    There is so much conflicting advice out there today leaving many people, who are interested in eating healthily and keeping their body weight within optimal range, confused and demotivated. Let us help demystify, creating clarity and results.

    Our aim is to assist clients:

    • Establish where they are now in terms of body weight (fat, muscle, water) and where they want to be
    • Create a healthy eating plan, based on current nutritional/dietary research and guidelines, taking clients likes, dislikes and lifestyle into consideration
    • Inform and educate clients to be able to make appropriate choices regarding food, drink, activity and lifestyle
    • Support clients with their weight management journey via NLP, Life Coaching and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy where required/requested
    • Assist clients source the best food and drink, and if required, accompany them on shopping trips
    • Assist clients source recipes and menu plans to keep them on track
    • Provide face to face, online, text and phone support

  • NLP

    What is NLP?

    NLP is described by many as the study of human excellence. Its techniques are used by top athletes, successful business people and anyone who wants to achieve a happy and balanced life. NLP is one of the fastest growing areas of applied psychology.

    NLP is about how we think and behave, how we represent the world around us and how we interact with others. Our lifetime experiences affect the way we live our lives today and in our future this can be for the good or not so good! We can have entrenched beliefs and experiences that can hold us back stopping us from moving forward.

    Through the use of NLP a person can live their life the way they want to, achieving success in career, sports, fitness and relationships. They can improve their self-esteem and enjoy better physical and emotional health.

    NLP practitioners offer clients a huge variety of techniques, enabling them to move towards being the person they want to be, living the life that they want to live. On TV, NLP is being demonstrated and applied by Paul McKenna, Pete Cohen (GMTV) Derren Brown (Channel 4) and Anthony Robbins. Famous and highly successful people such as Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong, Andre Agassi and Arnold Schwarzenegger have used NLP to achieve their goals and dreams

    And with UK Fitness Academy, you can too!

    NLP Can Be Used To Help With:-

    • Self esteem and lack of confidence
    • Weight and fitness management, including disordered eating problems
    • Maximising training and sports performance
    • Removing limiting beliefs and fears
    • Assisting with phobias
    • Removing unwanted habits and replacing them with preferred behaviours
    • Pre-event nerves e.g. performance, public speaking or interviews
    • And much more!

    Your NLP Practitioners

    Helen Carpenter-Waters is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Advanced Life Coach and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.

  • Life Coaching

    What Is Life Coaching?

    Essentially Life Coaching is a skilful, structured way of helping people move their lives forward, assisting individuals identify their desires, goals and dreams and help them find the answers that will lead them to success in every part of their lives. Coaching will highlight where clients have been, where they are today and concentrate on what they are willing and able to do, to get where they want to be in the future.

    Who Can Benefit From Coaching?

    Well everyone – unless you are completely happy and fulfilled in your personal and professional life. Our lives are fast and stressful.

    We can easily find ourselves incredibly successful in some areas of our lives but feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and often burnt out! Life coaching will help you achieve a better life balance and deal with issues that are not moving you towards the “you”, you want to be, and living the life you want!

    How Does It Work?

    Life coaching is not something you sign up to forever. You may have short term goals that may only take a few sessions, or long term ones that require more – you choose. Your coach will advise, but ultimately you’re going to be in the driving seat!

    I’m So Busy, How Can I Find The Time?

    Life coaching can be undertaken face to face or over the phone, reducing the amount of time you need to set aside. Appointments can be arranged that last between 30-60mins.


Our wellbeing services take place at 42 Du Maurier Close, Church Cookham, Fleet, GU520YA

Our Group Exercise classes are based at All Hallows School, Weybourne Rd, Farnham GU9 9HF

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I was originally refered to Helen in 1998 by a Chiropractor, following on going back problems from years of competitive tennis.  Helen put together a programme to improve my flexibiity, posture and core strength, and in conjunction with regular sports massage (from Helen) and Chiropractic treatment, totally cleared up my lower back pain.  I have continued regular treatment over the last 13 years to maintain a healthy back and have had minimal problems since.  Last October (2010) I ruptured my achilles tendon playing football, and following surgery Helen and Steve were able to provide me with support and guidance throughout my recuperation.  Ten months on I am back playing tennis and football and training to the maximum at Bodyblitz (one of Helen's classes)!!  
Andy Savage Camberley