Check the date!

Have you seen the symmetry of today’s date? It’s seems like a good day to meet the world and life’s challenges head on. My Gut Cleanse group are 6 days in and today is the start of the most challenging phase, no excuses we are on it and working towards a healthier gut in 2018!…

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January 8, 2018

Take a moment…

…and breathe… Christmas comes and goes in such a frantic flurry of shopping, wrapping, cooking, eating, clearing away, shopping, cooking, eating, clearing away and repeat. After week/s of this we are often desperate to get back to normal or should I say better than normal. Many folks make commitments to New Year, New Me packages…

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January 2, 2018

Merry Christmas!!!

Just a short message to wish you the most wonderful, happy Christmas and a fit and healthy (of course) New Year! I look forward to sharing lots of fun, laughter and sweaty workouts and dances with you in the New Year. Do you wanna see some of the things we got up to this year?…

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December 24, 2017

Info about Class News, Christmas and New Year Timetable and Classes…

…plus Christmas recipe, video links, pictures, thank you’s and more…. read on! Seasons Greetings Christmas is nearly here and even I am getting into the festive spirit, helped greatly by the special classes I’ve been putting together and the ‘play along’ spirit and energy of my lovely DYBO darlings. We have two more nights of…

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December 18, 2017

Keep Calm and Carry On

The world is as we choose to see it eg. ‘phew it’s not snowing, I can get to work, school, class, gym etc.’ or ‘damn, it’s not snowing, I wanted an excuse not to…’! I had hoped for snow on Sunday and clear roads by Monday, thus having my cake and eating it too! (so…

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December 11, 2017

Super Moons and Super Heroes

Did you see the Moon last night? Fantastic – the last super Full Moon until November 25th 2034. By then I will be 35 plus vat and P&P (obvs) on the 29th Nov so let’s make a date! We had a fantastic Independance Day on Saturday, so much laughter, sweat and ‘skills’ and everyone danced…

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December 4, 2017

The season of good will !?

Christmas is four weeks away and that, for some, fills them with dread yet others excitement. I guess that’s all down to how organised/ready you are or if you are feeling dragged along in a direction or at a pace you don’t want? I have attached an image shared today by a very loving, caring…

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November 27, 2017

Spontaneity and sharing the DYBO love!

I have had the most wonderful and spontaneous weekend. On Saturday I travelled to Highgate in London to present my Burlesque Fitness Fusion class at the ‘Strut Summit’, a celebration of body confidence, irrespective of body shape etc. It was a fun day and the ‘strutters’ were very welcoming and appreciative of my DYBO message…

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November 20, 2017

Every Day’s A School Day!

Good morning – it’s a beautiful sunny crisp day! I have had (as is often the case) a busy weekend, starting with a trip to Warwick for a seminar. I’ve lots of information to digest so I’m perculating and processing it all. Despite my many years as your ‘fitness leader’ there is always new science…

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November 13, 2017

Happy Mondays

How exciting – a brand new week that’s never happened before and a fresh opportunity to make life a bit better and the way you want it to be! We can bring forward our successes and leave behind our failures, once we have learned from them (thus making them a success because we now know…

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November 6, 2017
Helen was inspirational when I went to her for Life Coaching. I began to regard events and happenings that caused me pain in a totally different way and the comfort that gave me was intense during some really life changing personal circumstances. It took me some time for her teachings to become a way of thinking for me - I'm still learning and putting into practice what I have been taught. I will always regard this experience as being a turning point in the way I view life's challenges. Thank you so much, Helen.
Liz Wheeler Basingstoke