Make snowballs when the snow falls!

Which is the seasonal equivalent of making hay whilst the sun shines or lemonade when life hands you lemons. I could have moaned about my course being postponed and losing a day’s pay (again) due to the weather but instead I decided to get up and play with the dogs in the snow, something I…

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March 18, 2018

Apparently it’s Spring?

The daff’s are popping up their golden heads and promising us longer days and hinting at some sunshine. The birds are up and at ‘em getting their early worms and singing their dawn chorus. I’m soooooo ready for spring. Our thoughts often turn to a spring clean around our house, wardrobes and bodies too (we…

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March 11, 2018

International Women’s Day

…is this Thursday (8/3/18). It’s aim being to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. I have already shared with you the impression that the stories about the sacrifices of the suffragettes and the dedicated men who supported these ladies in their fight for equality has had on me. There is more…

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March 4, 2018

Sharing the DYBO love!

I hope you had a fab weekend, I have had a busy and wonderfully rewarding one. On Saturday I had the compliment of another Fit Pro (and nurse) placing their faith in me to help them with a significant back/health issue. It felt wonderful to witness the relief and growth in positivity this person experienced…

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February 25, 2018


My biggest goal in my role as a holistic health and fitness professional is to help my clients be fully informed about how they can be as healthy, happy and fit as they can be, physically, emotionally and psychologically. I aim to provide you all with well-informed, accurate, current information, support you with motivation and…

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February 19, 2018

Love is all around?

If you want to keep that loving mood turn off the news, stay away from social media and hang out with lovely up beat and loving people. We all have our own idea of what constitutes a demonstration of love, I don’t need (or want) to be told that if she/he/they love me or I…

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February 12, 2018

Monday already?!

And February already eh??? What happened to January let alone Christmas? Whilst it’s wonderful to be busy doing all the things I love, I really do want (because I think it’s good for me) to take a little more time to take it all in, smell the roses, you know what I mean? Because I…

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February 5, 2018

Motivated Monday?!

Or is it Moody Monday? I remembered this wonderful phrase this morning, ‘Start each day as if it is on purpose’- it speaks to me ie. ‘Start’ to me means fresh beginnings, forward movement and action. ‘Each’ says to me individual, unique and important. ‘As if’ sounds dreamy and full of imaginings. ‘It is’ sounds…

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January 29, 2018

The wind beneath our wings!

‘The world is as we see it’ is an expression used commonly in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programing) and I wholeheartedly agree. What we see and experience as we go through our day/life goes through our psychological filters (delete, distort and generalise). How we view, and make sense of our world, is influenced by our previous experiences (and…

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January 22, 2018

Fabulous Divas and Dudes !

What a fabulous return to classes last week, thank you for the wonderful feedback received regarding the classes. The hard work selecting music and creating original, bespoke and YOU centered classes is 100% worthwhile when you value and love what I’ve put together for you. Your feedback certainly inspires me. We welcomed some new participants…

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January 15, 2018
I have been training with Helen, twice a week, for 9 years, which I think tells you all you need to know. In addition to personal training, I have worked through the NLP process with Helen and experienced her ability with hypnotherapy. Whatever we do, Helen is always aware of the big picture and adjusts the programme accordingly, taking a holistic view of all my needs, whether or not I am aware of them! I would unreservedly recommend Helen to anyone, regardless of age, level of fitness or experience of exercise. If life coaching or NLP are required, she is highly-qualified, supportive and encouraging, a perfect guide through what are very beneficial but not always easy processes. Helen is discreet, completely trustworthy and a consummate professional.
Sue Moore Hartley Wintney