Back to school and back to business!

6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
December 11, 2018

I hope you had a fabulous Summer; I thoroughly enjoyed my break in the sunshine and must admit it felt a bit Autumnal getting off the plane, but I’m still in my flip-flops and rocking a Summer vibe!

I had two holidays in one, first a beach holiday with Dec followed by a fitness holiday with the girls  – both resorts in Lanzarote so minimal transition time from one to the other. Whilst I exercised/was active everyday (bar travel days), I found it a big challenge to eat both vegetarian and gut friendly (all veggie options were either goat’s cheese (bleugh) or packed with starchy carbs. I stayed Veggie and accepted my sugar laden fate. So I’m happy to be back with my regular diet, my classes, my family, fur babies and of course my DYBO family.


Dance is always my happy place!

Today is my first day ‘back to school’ for me with my metaphorical new pencil case and a fresh workbook, it’s exciting isn’t it?

I have a full one to one schedule and full class timetable. I’m keeping the classes simple, revisiting newer routines (the ones we did before my holiday) so we can all ease back in and get a good workout.

Thank you Sarah, Rachel and Daisy for brilliantly holding the fort at classes and Karen for PT cover.

I’m sure you had a fab time experiencing different content and delivery by the girls (I’ve had some lovely feedback).

Only a little nag – a very few class participants have booked sessions but not paid, please remember that even if you didn’t attend these sessions they still have to be paid for as I’m out of pocket. I ran the classes, taught by the cover teachers and me, based on the class bookings. I have already paid for the hall hire and teachers. For example, I had 11 booked for last Tuesday’s Dance Fit taught by Sarah and only 5 came to class!


Class News

Barre Fit returns this Wednesday (7.30pm) and based on class demand we have extended the class to a full 60 minutes – whoo hoo, more time for fabulous whole body muscle toning, strengthening the butt, abs, back and improving balance, flexibility and posture. I absolutely love this class. The content is so simple but fantastically effective.


Late Summer Fitness Yoga commences this coming Friday, 14th September

There are still some places so book now!


Big up Rachel Davies!

Rachel won a Bronze in Duet and Gold in the Team event at the European Masters Synchronised Swimming Championships on Slovenia last week. Bravo to these working women and mums who combine regular life with training to become champions – a fantastic feat, bravo!


End of an Era!

Steve’s ONE PRO cycling boys did incredibly well at the Tour of Britain last week achieving 3 top 6 stage placings against some of the best teams in the world.

ONE PRO will not be running a Men’s team in 2109 and plan to focus their efforts on top level Women’s racing instead.

Bravo Steve, staff and riders. In international racing alone (not counting domestic UK results), over the past 4 years, the team achieved 28 wins, 38 podiums and 224 top 10’s. That’s amazing at elite/pro level sport!


Gut Health

You know how committed I am to my gut health. Research confirms the truism ‘Healthy gut, healthy mind and body’ so I shall ensure that I will eat at least one of these foods everyday and avoid starchy carbs and simple sugars (which feed bad gut bacteria)

It’s much easier than you think – come on, look after your gut and look after your health.

I cant wait to see you all back at class!

Remember it’s the last week of Summer booking system so if you want to come along and haven’t booked, you can book and pay online. Message me for details.

See you lata!

Love ya,

Helen xx

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