April Showers and Rainbows

Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
October 22, 2018

Drip, drop, drip!!!! Yup, it’s raining again, which does affect our motivation to get outside and play! Well it certainly does if you are a little Dachshund called Lili with short legs and a tummy so close to the mud!

I shall don my waterproofs and negotiate the puddles and drag out my ‘minis’ (JRT’s and Daxi) as soon as I have sent this to you.

To brighten your Easter break I have created new routines for you this week. New Chorography for Boogie Fitters and Dance Fitters tonight, new for HITT’ers and Cardio Dancers tomorrow, evolution for Wednesday’s Barre Fitters, new for Thursday’s Contemporary Stretchers and Dance Divas and Fridays ‘Big Balls’ class crew.

Thank you Daisy for teaching us all your lovely choreography at last Thursdays ‘Dancespiration’ class, I loved being a student.


What’s happening this month?

In addition to our usual fabulousness!…

I’m giving my *free Gut Health talk on Saturday 21st April 1pm-2.30pm

Maximum of 10 people (*I would love you to make a donation of your choice to Phyllis Tuckwell or charity of your choice before the talk). First come, first served – book today!

Poor Gut Health is responsible for major illness, disease and obesity.

Many of you have noticed the amazing results experienced by fellow DYBO family members who have completed the gut cleanse protocol and switched to a gut health diet. Come along on the 21st and I will explain all!


Ante-post natal training for Pilates Teachers

Course written and delivered by HCW.

Essential learning for teachers of women of the before. during and post maternal period.

29th April Farnham, Surrey 10-6pm

Email for more information helen@dbo.co.uk


Book now for discount!



Yummy Vegan cheese cake!

No dairy, grains or processed sugar!

I was looking for tasty recipes and found this, it looks ‘lush’ and can’t wait to make it.

Video link…


Have a wonderful week and remember (to paraphrase Dolly Parton),

“We can’t have rainbows without the rain”

Love ya,

Helen xxx

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These are not just any fitness classes but somewhere where you are really made feel part of a club. The stretch class has given me back flexibility that I thought I'd lost forever and the 'DYBO' class is quite simply ‘fantastic’. I hate to miss either.
Anne Wilson, Class member and Head Teacher