Apparently it’s Spring?

Boogie Fit
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
January 21, 2019

The daff’s are popping up their golden heads and promising us longer days and hinting at some sunshine. The birds are up and at ‘em getting their early worms and singing their dawn chorus. I’m soooooo ready for spring.

Our thoughts often turn to a spring clean around our house, wardrobes and bodies too (we often look to drop a little extra winter weight).

You know that I have been experiencing great results from completing a gut cleanse and living a gut friendly life style, as have so many of your DYB0 class mates and one to one training comrades.

It’s so much easier to do than many people think and it’s really transforming emotionally, energetically, physically and psychologically.

To help you get started I have shared a great morning smoothie that is gut friendly and tasty too (you will find it at the end of this message).

To cleanse you get simply ditch the sugar and starchy carbs, eat lots of green veggies and fermented foods, avoid alcohol, caffeine, drugs, processed foods, additives and anti biotics. Take good quality probiotics that survive stomach acids (avoid any that contain added sugars) and drink lots of water.

Once your gut biome is repaired you can have the occasional non-gut friendly food without ill effect but if you go back to eating as you did before you will once again be damaging your gut biome and thus experience the same negative symptoms.

I will do another ‘Gut talk’ after Easter, helping you to get ready for the Summer fully informed, cleansed and inspired.


The week ahead and so much fabulousness…

I hope you will enjoy the new choreography prepared for Mondays Boogie Fittters,

Or maybe you can join me at Cardio Dance where I will teach my new ‘Divalicious’ routine, with special playlist created by me and produced by ‘My Group Fit ‘ music

(I shall be presenting this class at IFS in two weeks and would love your feedback)


Tuesdays HIIT is a corker and Dance Fit moves up a level in response to the great work class members are producing.


Wednesday’s Barre Fit has also evolved. It’s certainly a great work out.

I love getting the fabulous feedback from class attendees who have noted improved posture, muscle tone, strength balance and flexibility, there is also a cardio element to help with fitness and calorie burn too.

Thank you for the fantastic feed back and great requests for Thursday’s Contemporary Stretch. I’m thrilled that you feel you are getting such great results and that you are so proactive in letting me know what you would like me to include in the class.

Dancespiration is always an inspiration and Joy. We have finished our ‘This Is Me’ routine and will start a new routine tis week, you will love it!

This coming Friday offers the last class until after Easter (6.30pm).

Come along to our final ‘Ski Skate and Core’ class of the 2108 season.

I always do something a little different.


Sunday 18th March 2018

I’m delivering my Ante Post natal exercise course for Pilates teachers at Nuffield health in Farnham.

It’s a packed day with lots of bang up to the minute information about current practice/research when working with ante post natal clients. It’s a privilege to share my knowledge and experience with these Pilates teachers. PM me for information.


Thursday 22nd March 6.15-7.30pm

Mind Body Expert Monica Linford (Creator or Chi Ball and Wu Motion) will be teaching Contemporary Stretch.

You will need 2 x tennis balls and 1 x Chi Ball.

Book now to guarantee your place (email, call or book at class) – payment up front please.

Same price and same terms as usual.



Dancespiration 22nd March

Friday Fitness 23rd March

No classes Good Friday or Easter Monday.



Cacao, cinnamon, pear and fennel gut friendly smoothie

  • 170g pear, cored
  • 50g fennel
  • 1 tbsp raw cacao Powder
  • 240ml almond or rice milk
  • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

Simply blend until smooth, and enjoy!

Have a fab week

Love ya

Helen x


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Helen was inspirational when I went to her for Life Coaching. I began to regard events and happenings that caused me pain in a totally different way and the comfort that gave me was intense during some really life changing personal circumstances. It took me some time for her teachings to become a way of thinking for me - I'm still learning and putting into practice what I have been taught. I will always regard this experience as being a turning point in the way I view life's challenges. Thank you so much, Helen.
Liz Wheeler Basingstoke