From another view point…

Contemporary Stretch
6:15 pm - 7:25 pm
December 13, 2018

‘The world is as we see it!’ Our previous experiences and understandings colour how we see events, other people and the world around us, this is why we can hold a completely opinion from another person of an event that we have both witnessed and a third, fourth etc. person would hold yet more differing opinions.

I want to keep my mind open to all viewpoints and perspectives.

On Sunday I wanted to take the girls (Mini and Lili) on their evening walk to one of our favourite spots, I like to choose a different walk daily because It keeps it interesting for the girls, and me. I had done the same walk the day before so decided to do the walk in reverse. Doing the loop in reverse, made it a completely different experience – the perspective of the landscape, the new things I saw, and the different things I noticed about the same things I see every time, even the smells were different. The wild honey suckle is more pungent later in the evening, lily flowers on the pond, are in a different state of opening, the bunnies, deer and free roaming cows are all doing different things at this different time of the day. I returned completely refreshed and wide eye and determined to do things (even the same things) from a different perspective this week. “Routine makes us Routine’

I always shake up our classes and training’s knowing that even simply adjusting exercise order, timings and so on, changes the challenge on our body and mind. I want to so this with my day too. I know that routine is often great for efficiency but I think it can also lead us to ‘go through the motions’, not be fully present and sleep walk through our precious life. Why not give it a try?


Last week was fab, so how will you make this week even better!

I loved everyone one of last week’s classes and can’t wait to do more of the same.

(Differently or completely new) including our new Friday Night Fitness Yoga class. It really draws a line under the working week and sets us up perfectly for the weekend ahead. For me it was a big exhale after the stresses of the working week then a big inhale of fresh energy and perspective ready for the weekend. I’ve had some fabulous feedback and some quite specific feedback (thank you Sally ha ha). Everyone is welcome but you do need to book at it’s a popular class.

I have lots of fabulousness prepared for you in both classes at my one to one offerings and I’m excited.


Coming soon

Gut Health talk (The Microbiome)

What it is,

Why it’s important,

What happens when it goes wrong, (many many serious and life ending, altering conditions)

What causes it to go wrong


How to fix it!


‘All disease begins in the Gut’ Hippocrates’


‘Fix the Gut Fit the problem’

23rdJune, 1.30-3pm

at DYBO HQ in Church Crookham.

Limited spaces!

Free of charge but a donation to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Memory of Michael Waters who died from Oesophageal cancer would be appreciated.


This is important for everyone to know!

A few years ago I heard about research suggesting that Sun Screens can be the cause of cancers

Due to the chemicals used (possibly encouraging folks to stay longer in the sun. Will have an impact too).

I’m looking for 100% natural sunscreens and will let you know of my findings but for now here is how you can make your own with the equivalent of 20spf.

Also stay out of direct sun between 11am and 3pm, build exposure gradually, never expose already burned skin to more sun, protect your head!

Wishing you an amazing week, remember to see things from another perspective

Love ya,

Helen x



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Lifecoaching - Helen has been an amazing support and inspiration to me over the last year.  She exudes positivity and has enabled me to see life for what it was and how it could be.  She awakened me to new possibilites and inspired me to make some positive changes to my life.  I now feel that I have dropped all the excess baggage I was carrying and I have renewed vigour and determination to live life to the full and reach my full potential.  Thank you Helen, you are a star!
Julie Tzivanidou Cove