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‘The Cost of Ignorance’ PLEASE READ… A BIT OF A RANT

I remember seeing this great sign on the wall at the college I lectured at for 13 years, it really resonated with me! “If you think education is expensive, consider the cost of ignorance!” I aim to feed forward to you what I learn so that you can make choices and decisions based upon well-researched…

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June 25, 2018


Good Morning, have you heard the expression, ‘fake it till you make it’? In life we often do this e.g. not being in the best mood or frame of mind, but getting up, putting on a smile and showing up! The actual act of doing so can ‘turn that frown up side down’, behaving in…

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June 18, 2018

From another view point…

‘The world is as we see it!’ Our previous experiences and understandings colour how we see events, other people and the world around us, this is why we can hold a completely opinion from another person of an event that we have both witnessed and a third, fourth etc. person would hold yet more differing…

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June 11, 2018

Gooooood Morrning DYBO gangggg!

I hope you are refreshed and restored following your weekend? It’s very easy for all of us (especially us self-employed, small business owners but also working parents, carers and so on) to forget, or not allow ourselves, to take time to recover, reboot and prepare for the week ahead. It’s a slippery slope towards exhaustion,…

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June 4, 2018