Archives: Apr '18


Gush, pour, splash!

Massive April rainstorms! The weather isn’t what we had hoped for so we will just have to get on with it and make our own sunshine! ‘The world is as we are’, which means it’s how we choose to react and respond to the world around us that creates our world, how we view opportunities…

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April 30, 2018

Fire Breathing Dragon

No, not me (rude!)!!! Happy St George’s Day. Today we celebrate all things English (my Scottish, Irish and Welsh pals have their day so this is ours) …‘erm now I’m stuck … how do we celebrate being English? I suppose it’s a nice cup of tea and a moan about the weather ha ha. So…

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April 23, 2018

Rusty Spring!

Whilst nature is trying it’s best, Spring is a little damp and rusty so far! Saturday’s Sunshine got me in to the ‘Spring mood’ with some alfresco dining (Brunch), window shopping and late afternoon dog walking in the woods. My heart, and face, smiled as I listened to the birds, observed the budding trees and…

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April 16, 2018

April Showers and Rainbows

Drip, drop, drip!!!! Yup, it’s raining again, which does affect our motivation to get outside and play! Well it certainly does if you are a little Dachshund called Lili with short legs and a tummy so close to the mud! I shall don my waterproofs and negotiate the puddles and drag out my ‘minis’ (JRT’s and…

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April 9, 2018

From Blackpool to Barcelona!   

I took an opportunity to stretch my wings and flew to Barcelona for the long Easter weekend. A far cry from my drive to present at the IFS conference in Blackpool the weekend before! Everyday we took in the sites, trekked the mountains and explored the monuments. A very active yet still refreshing break. It’s…

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April 3, 2018