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Half Term not Half Measures!

It’s all systems go this week, a full timetable of classes, one to one appointments and busting with energy, ideas and motivation. I went to a skin conference on Saturday and am thrilled to have found more tools for my holistic fitness professionals kit back, ones that will help me and my DYBO family create,…

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October 23, 2017

Over to you?

Good morning DYBO darlings! I’m starting with 4 questions for you and maybe as they are at the very beginning of this missive you will have time to take a look and respond, I hope so. If I create a special Halloween Night of classes, will you attend and participate, yay or nay? (It’s a…

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October 16, 2017

Dreams and Reality

What if I told you that if you really want to achieve something and that you were prepared to do what it takes – at the intensity and for as long as it takes – you could do it, would you believe me? I ask myself this question often. I say to myself that I…

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October 9, 2017

Class Cancellation and Other News

Firstly, my thoughts are with those affected by the shootings in Las Vegas, I woke to the news and immediately wondered if our Synchro star Jenna, who is appearing in ‘O’ in Las Vegas is safe (I’ve just to heard from her and she is locked in the theatre but safe). Thank you for your…

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October 2, 2017