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Eeeeeek, it’s the end of August?

Well doesn’t time fly when you are busy! I attended a lovely weekend in Scotland where the weather was kind but not as ‘scorchio’ as at home. Lessons learned… The Caledonian Sleeper is not the the Orient Express!!! …and despite an expensive First Class cabin you are not guarenteed food!!!! Or indeed sleep, or entertainment…

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August 29, 2017

In the here and now, being fully present

Thank you for the lovely feedback regarding Sarah and Daisy’s classes whilst Dec and I have been away – I’ve passed it on and I’m really happy (although I knew you would enjoy their classes) that you are happy. Thanks again to Sarah, Daisy and Karen who have looked after DYBO Health and Fitness over…

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August 21, 2017

Short ‘n’ sweet… just like me!

I’m sure a break from the rain and return to the sunshine has lifted the mood in good ‘ole Blighty. For me, my favourite things to do are walk my pooches in the woods, dining alfresco as often as possible (ideally eating produce from my patio garden) and a pub garden after an awesome class…

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August 14, 2017

Own It!

All of our actions are based on the decisions we make. We might not like the outcome or consequences but somewhere along the chain of events and thoughts associated, we took a choice. What has prompted this opening to my weekly missive? Well initially it was the ‘hoo ha’ around the World Athletics Championships, the…

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August 7, 2017