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Mwah ha ha ha!

Happy Halloween and whilst many of you who live near to or have kids, are clearing away the debris of the hellish events of trick or treat, parties and half term combined I’m busy preparing lots of spooky moves, music and costumes for tonight’s classes.   For one week only, classes tonight are as follows……

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October 31, 2016

Vote with your Feet, Actions and £’s

Whilst sitting at my computer last night, researching, the feed on my Facebook account was busy ‘pinging’ up messages in the corner of my screen. Almost all were about X Factor and Honey G. Now I’m not watching the show, having decided to vote with my remote control and turn over/off. All the time the…

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October 23, 2016

Happy Birthday To Ya

Was being sung out loud and proud this morning, to Lili the rescue Pup who is one year old today. She has had a birthday weigh-in and apart from that everything is as usual – cuddles, ‘walkies’ and rough and tumble play with her adopted bro and sis. You are probably thinking, ’Why are you…

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October 17, 2016

Basking in the afterglow!

…after another successful ‘Independance day’. It’s lovely to dance beside so many like-minded dance fans who prefer to take their exercise in a free thinking, creative, organic and original way, and so flattering to have people travel so far to join us and who tell us that they wish they could dance themselves fit with…

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October 10, 2016

Full Sensory Stimulation!

If you are only interested in  the class time table change, press the read on link below I hope you have had the weekend you wanted and needed for your mind, body and spirit. I have enjoyed a very busy time and you know me, I always look for the extra lessons that are available…

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October 2, 2016