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Politics Free Zone

Not because I have my head in the sand or because I don’t care, I do – I just need an emotional break, so here is a picture to make you smile! This weekend I travelled to Leeds to hang with my dear Fit Pro pal Nikkie Riozzi and share the love of freestyle dance…

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June 27, 2016

What’s the best?

I’m often asked “what is the best type of exercise” and my answer is usually… “The one that you do regularly and will keep doing!” There are many things to consider when deciding upon how you are going to invest your energy, sweat, time and money. Such as… a) What do you want to achieve?…

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June 19, 2016

Treated Like A Queen!

Whatever your opinion about the Monarchy I’m pretty certain that we all agree that our Queen is in fantastic ‘nick’ for a 90 year old! I often hear folks say that if they had the Queen’s money, or the wealth of Madonna, Cher etc. etc. etc. then they would be in great shape too! Now…

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June 12, 2016

An oldie but goody!

‘I love summer, it’s my favourite day of the year!’ Boom Boom! (hoping it’s not too close to the truth). Seriously, a sunny Sunday is just such a blessing (especially when you don’t have to work).  After getting the chores done  – I was motivated to crack on with them in order to enjoy the sunshine…

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June 6, 2016