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It’s the last week of February – can you believe it?

2015 is only 7 weeks old and, for me, it’s been jam-packed with excitement and fabulousness. I’m loving the new classes (and your feedback tells me that you are too, yay!) The Academy is growing and the feedback I have received from course attendees and Academy members has been wonderful. Karen and I were recording…

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February 23, 2015

Half Term But Full Measures!

For many of us, half term is something that other people do – a sort of unofficial break in the routine and an opportunity to take your foot of the gas and switch to cruise control. I have noticed over the years that when people take this attitude to their diet and exercise regime that…

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February 16, 2015


Good morning, do you have a case of ‘Februaryitis’ ? I seem to be surrounded by it! It’s a simple condition to catch – contributing factors are… *Lack of Vitamin D due to shorter daylight hours for a few months and lack of fresh air and outside time (due to staying indoors) *Fed up having…

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February 9, 2015

Broadway to Hollywood!

Did you miss our little catch up yesterday? Was there something missing as you drank your ‘tea break’ beverage? Well here it is – a day later than usual and here’s why… You might have known that Karen (Smith) and I travelled north of the border on Saturday morning to take the DYBO message to…

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February 3, 2015